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Fresh clowning around in It


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IT HAS nally come, or shall I say ‘IT’ has nally come. This lm has only gained hype and excitement since March when the rst trailer was released. The ex- citement only got larger once the rst look into the iconic oating boat scene was leaked.

In the past there has been criti- cism of movie and T.V. adapta- tions of Stephen King books, but this time around the critics have mostly positive reviews of this movie, and I do, too.

Of all the kids in the movie, my favorite was Richard played by Finn Wolfhard who also plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. His character was the comic re- lief in the movie making mostly dirty jokes about the other kids in the group who in the movie are known as the losers, but I also en- joy his character because he acts like the macho of the group say- ing he is not scared of a monster until he nds out that the monster is Pennywise the Clown because Richard’s only fear is clowns.

Bill Skarsğard did a very great job as Pennywise creating what I think Pennywise should be por- trayed as rather than the Tim Cur- ry version. Deceptive and cruel with a voice you would nd from a real clown instead of a fear in- stilling voice depending on rough and intense voice lines to create fear. Skarsğard’s voice acting is what made his version stick more in my mind.

The main reason I loved this movie so much was the way the horror was brought out, it was not reliant on jumpscares and fancy camera work, but instead played on the fears of the characters to drive the story which also gave the viewers quite the scare be- cause of the manner it was done and the uncomfortable feeling these scenes develop.

And of course nally we get down to the story for this lm. The setting and the way the char- acters take on Pennywise is very similar to that of Stranger Things because of the ‘80s feel from the town and dress of characters. Fear is what Pennywise feeds off of so he will use whatever each char- acter is fearful of against them so that he can make them vulnerable.

Ben is a lonely new kid, but who’s studying uncovered much of the mystery behind Pennywise. There is Eddie who has severe asthma and a controlling mother who forces him to take placebos insisting he has a blood disease, but he ends up one of the braver characters in the movie. Beverly has a sexually abusive father that made her fearless of anything even Pennywise.

All these characters separate struggles and fears bringing them together to end this monster who has been terrorizing the town since it was built to make this more than a horror movie, but an epic lm of redemption and friendship.

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Fresh clowning around in It