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WE ALL can agree, technology is the new wave of the modern gen- eration. Our life and our needs revolve around the source of that intimidatingly bright screen that can satisfy your needs in little to no time.

The technology has not only progressed, but so has our cul- ture. Technology, is now not only needed for education, now educa- tion relies on technology.

However, one might state the claim that high schools are not progressing along with the amount of technology we need, receiving less than what the stu- dents and teachers need.

Schools should be more atten- tive on the roots of educating stu- dents in the rst place. There are countless times that I can recall where my education was inter- rupted because of the quality of Granger internet speed.

Teachers are behind on tasks they need to proceed with their students and students are behind on learning, which leads to dis- ruption in the curricular system.

“The public and private sectors must increase their investments in training, infrastructure, hardware, and curriculum. Unfortunately progress in each of these areas is uneven,” as stated in a Brookings report.

According to Education week, a school’s internet should have at

least 100 megabits per second. Unfortunately, most, if not all Granger students agree the Inter- net service in our school needs immense improvement. Our high school’s assignments and grades are known to rely on these internet websites, and be- cause of the quality of the inter- net, we can no longer use said websites to our advantage in the school.

It is limiting our full potential. I do indeed agree with the hundreds of other students com- plaining about this con ict. The school charges us class fees and tardy fees, and every year, the school tends to make even more enforced rules.

However, we are not informed, educated, or told as to why and where this money proceeds to. If such actions were achieved, the students of Granger would not question the staff as we do now.

We cannot be told that our ar- gument of internet connection is incorrect, simply because, if the slow connection is justi able, we are never informed of such statis- tics and information.

Some of the complications also include those who do not have internet home-based Wi-Fi.

The staff, in my opinion, needs to involve the decisions and information with the students as well.

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