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Admin claims lanyards promote safety and school spirit




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THIS YEAR Granger High School has introduced a new way to identify students: IDs and Lan- yards. ID lanyards are exactly what it sounds like, a lanyard with a ID on it. Students were given their IDs as soon as they took their picture on Picture Day, which was two weeks after school started.

Some people love the idea of them, while others have very mixed feelings about them.

One of the many people who loved the idea of them was the assistant principal, Mr. Beck. “I think it’s an amazing idea. It al- lows us, as administrators, to identify kids easier. In another re- spect, it shows a sense of school pride,” Mr. Beck said.

Students weren’t so fond of the idea especially on the freshman and sophomores because the ad- ministration is enforcing it more upon them. “I feel like it’s really unfair. I feel like we are mature

and responsible as any junior or senior,” Angel Manriquez (9) said. Many students feel the same way as Manriquez. They feel like they don’t necessarily need an ID badge for them to be identi ed.

On the other hand, some peo- ple believe that the administra- tion should enforce it just on the freshman. They are fresh out of junior high and many of them still have the junior high mind-set. It will take them a couple months for them to shift their mind-set. “I feel like the freshman need it more than anyone because that’s who causes most of the trouble,” Solitude Mof t (10) said.

Many people, including the administration, believe that the ID Lanyards will help take the school down a better and safer path. “I think the lanyards are a good idea. It helps us see who be- longs here and who doesn’t. Last year, we had many people come in who didn’t belong here cause us some trouble like getting in-

volved in ghts or coming in dur- ing lunch,” Steve Christiansen, a police of cer, said.

Many people would agree with Christiansen’s opinion. It makes it harder for outsiders to come into the school and cause trouble, which makes it a safer environ- ment for students who won’t feel threatened by trespassers.

Despite the controversy, the lanyards are supposed to be there to help and protect Lancers. Sim- ple actions like these might make

a world of a difference, even though many people would dis- agree and nd lanyards useless. Everyone has the right to be able to learn and get an education at the school and feel safe while do- ing so. Safety may not be the only positive thing about this policy. Many people would agree that it also shows a sense of school spirit. It gives students a chance to take pride in Granger and they should feel glad to be attending such a great school.

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Admin claims lanyards promote safety and school spirit