Get involved before it’s too late

STARTING the new school year will feel weird, but getting in school clubs will make students part of the school and will get students recognized outside of the group the student is in. Being recognized is one step in the right direction to a friendship or getting a “hi/hey” in the hallway. Going to events and activities is a bonus ; for everyone “it shows how we have spirit and gives impact when the crowd is into the game,” Luis Arciga (12) said.

There are many games/events throughout the year and hopefully every student gets a chance to attend at least one of each concert, sport, or after school club activity. Going to one of these with friends will make it more fun in spirit of being in the crowd or getting into the activity. “Being at one of these it almost predicted that the school spirit is going to rubbed off on you,” Oscar Hernandez (12) said. It is almost guaranteed that students will have a good memory of them at a  before/after school event.

Going to events are not the only things students can do for the school to show spirit, every event does not happen on its own it usually requires students help. Volunteering to organize an event will lift a student as a humble person to others. Helping a school that can never get much volunteers there are many spots for students and friends. When the time comes and the preparation is over students can acknowledge the students hard work.

Clubs takes time outside of  school time, but it helps Lancers be more organized with all that is going in the member’s life.”when I first joined I felt a part of the school, even if it is not a top priority club,” Jonathan Cerritos (11) said. Staying after school is a good thing if there are friends in that club it probably gets friends closer than others might think. Getting excused out of some school classes for a field trip for a club is a great pro in this unless you’re in a class where students get a lot of homework.

For some clubs trips will be educational, competitive, or a fun treat for being part of the club. For educational places the advisor will usually take members to a college or museum. When work has been given by members it is probably leading to a competitive level where the clubs activity is judged and scored. At the end of the year is when the the fun is given to member by having a snack party, guest volunteers, trips to somewhere fun like lagoon.

When school is almost over don’t think that members will be forgotten that year, because usually some don’t notice that members photos was taken throughout the year. Some photos that people took will be in the year book and that is an easier way to be a familiar face in the halls, new clubs, or past club that members might come back next year.