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Granger High School still going strong after 60 years




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Granger High School’s roots run incredibly deep. Sixty years deep, to be exact. Granger was founded way back in 1958. With a very long past to a bright future, Granger has blossomed intensely. So, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, Lancers took some time to reminisce about Granger High with some staff and students.

Dr. David Dunn, principal, reflected on the new building. “Having this beautiful building compared to the old building, I think there’s something to be said as far as students taking pride in the school,” Dunn said. He also commented on the diversity of the school. “When it comes to our students, the culture in our school gets more beautiful every day,” Dunn said. He is an amazing principal who strives for a greatness every day here at Granger.

Ms. Alo, assistant principal, shared her thoughts, too. She also talked about the future of Granger students. “Granger is a school that is in the middle of a great explosion that’s leading towards having amazing students that will be able to perform at an even higher academic level and will be extremely well-rounded in the future,” Ms. Alo said. “I am really excited about what they are going to do.” Granger is lucky to have such a devoted staff member.

SBO president, Joseph Alvarez (12), is full of pride for Granger High. As a big role model around GHS, he shared his conviction that younger classmen should have more spirit. “The new freshman this year aren’t very prideful. It’s kind of heartbreaking, because making sure people love where they come from and love their school—that’s always been a huge deal to me,” Alvarez said.

He also mentioned the lack of diversity at other Utah schools. “They don’t have the tolerance the world needs. Since I come from Granger, I can proudly say I’ve learned how to get along with all kinds of people,” he said. Joseph Alvarez is a mighty proud Lancer.

Dr. Van Tassell has been at Granger for a very long time. An incredible 26 years, and he has seen it all. “Most things are the same. The difference is that students are less interested in learning these days due to more distractions,” Van Tassell said. “I like Granger’s diversity. I like all the different kinds of people and personalities. It’s very nice. I am proud to teach at a school like Granger,” he said. It is his last year at Granger as well, so be sure to stop by his room and congratulate him on his dedication to Granger.

With all of the Lancer love in the halls, Lancers are as proud as any of the previous classes. Granger isn’t just any school. Granger is the type of school that will have a lasting effect on its students. From the beautiful building to the extreme variety of culture, Granger High School is truly a magical place that’s 60 years strong and still going. Once a Lancer, always a Lancer!

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Granger High School still going strong after 60 years