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Zoos protect animals from dangers


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THERE are many different opinions on whether animals should be kept in zoos or not. People argue that they would be happier in the wild, or that they feel claustrophobic due to the small spaces that they live in at zoos. I prefer to see the cup half full, and notice how there are more positives than negatives when it comes to zoos. Zoos provide care and protection for the animals that they own. They have even saved a few species from extinction.

Zoos provide animals with similar environments that they would be in if they lived in the wild. For example, at Hogle Zoo, the harbor seals and sea lions, in my opinion, have the best environment. They have plenty of room to swim, and even rocks to lay on and bask in the sun. They spend all day playing and enjoying the kids with bright smiles that peek at them through the glass. They seem very content with where they live.

While I watched one particular sea lion, Diego, I noticed that he would swim in circles, taking the same route every time. He was playing with one of the seals. They were chasing each other, possibly playing tag. They were having a fun time.

Zoos provide animals who lived in threatened environments with strong, healthy ones. They even give them friends to play with and love. The seals don’t have to worry about the boats in the ocean that could hurt them, or any pieces of trash that they could choke on. They are safe in their enclosure. Not to mention, they make friends there, so they don’t have to worry about losing them and being lonely. They also don’t have to worry about getting eaten by predators.

If the animals are in the zoo, it means that they are safe from hunters. It is illegal to hunt elephants, but that doesn’t stop people. The elephants in Hogle Zoo are safe and protected from these dangers. That is one huge worry off of the poor elephants’ shoulders, and their precious, ivory tusks. They can spend their time in their little pool, or walking around for the people watching, safely basking in the sun with their cute wrinkly skin.

Zoos make sure all of their animals receive the proper care and nutrition that they need. They don’t have the trouble of finding the things they need to survive in the wild. While living in zoos, they never have to scavenge for food and risk dying from starvation or dehydration. No matter what, they will be properly fed and cared for.

They can get the proper medical care that they need as well. For instance, the polar bear recently had to be put down due to renal failure. If she was out in the wild, she would have had a long, painful death and probably been all alone. They tried to help her, but she was to sick, so to keep her from suffering, she was unfortunately put to sleep. She was loved and cared for by many.

Animals in the wild could be abused. Zoos love all of their animals and provide them with the best possible lives they could live while they are in captivity. Zoos are amazing for animals. They have way more pros than they do cons. People need to open up their eyes and see the bright sides of zoos, and how they protect animals from the dangers in their natural environments. They are very positive for many animals. If you enjoy seeing all the animals on the earth, then you should support zoos. They keep all of their animals safe.

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Zoos protect animals from dangers