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Pineapple on pizza fires up controversy in the halls and on the internet


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MANY PEOPLE love the amazing and famous food called pizza. What people love most about is that you can put almost anything on it and eat it. Name it, and it can be a topping. Yet, there’s a huge war going on over whether pineapple should go on pizza or not. Some think pineapple should not be on pizza while others think it’s delicious.

It currently has been one of the most debated topics on the web. There has even been a video where a kid, surrounded by a circle of students, destroys two pineapples. Some people seem to really hate pineapple on pizza, and go to extreme measures to make their opinion known.

“The pineapple on pizza has a sweet taste that brings out the flavor as a whole. Mainly, it’s just the grilled pineapple that enhances the taste,” Teresa Fife, a cafeteria staff member, said. It’s a really common thing that many people like because it has a nice, sweet flavor when it’s grilled.

“I really like pineapple pizza, there is a cool thing you can do with it, too. If you wrap pineapple pizza with tinfoil, the pineapple turns shiny. It’s not really a good thing because it’s bad for you, but I just wanted to put that out there,” Mr. McCarl said. That’s something new that everyone can try now.

“I love it, just add a little bit of Canadian bacon,” Mr. Timothy said. People like sweet pizza, and Lancers enjoy that mix of sauce and ham, with a hint of some sweet pineapple. Pineapple gives the meal a really unique taste that satisfies people’s taste buds. However, some people do not like that unique taste.

On the other hand, there are some people that think it’s disgusting to put pineapple on pizza.

“It’s too sweet for what pizza tastes like. It just makes the pizza unappetizing” Suiry Gregorio (10) said. The moistness of the pizza when pineapple is added is what might throw the taste off.

“I don’t like grilled pineapple in general, it makes the pizza have a bad and unpleasant texture. Although, I do like raw pineapple,” Destiny Butcher (10) said. The texture of the pizza is something that really changes when people add pineapple.

Some don’t really seem to like it.

“I don’t like how it’s moist when it comes out of the oven, it makes me not want to eat it,” Hugo Caldia (‘17) said. Along with the moistness, people don’t like it when the pineapple strings get stuck in between their teeth. Some say it is pretty terrible. Anything can be a pizza topping these days, for example there have even been pizzas topped with kangaroo meat.

There are weird toppings everywhere. Some may like them, and some may not—it just depends on what the person likes.

Online, there have been small “battles” with people who don’t like pineapple pizza, which cause people to despise each other. People even make memes about people liking pineapple pizza. The point is, there is nothing wrong with liking pineapple on a pizza or not. It’s just a small topping on a pizza.

Everyone likes different toppings. Some like pepperoni, mushrooms, and all sorts of other things. Although, the one opinion people agree on is to have no anchovies on pizza, ever. Case closed. A lot of people really do not like anchovies on a pizza. So, hold the anchovies instead of pineapple.

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Pineapple on pizza fires up controversy in the halls and on the internet