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Why do high school kids still choose to disobey dress code?


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THROUGHOUT the years, the dress code has been the same, but students still try to disobey it. The dress code is different with boys and girls, but the way students dress now is far beyond dress code rules.

“The dress code has helped us throughout the years, so it’s hard to see people break that rule,” assistant intern Mr. Nielson said.

The dress code helps administrators and police officers spot trespassers and also helps maintain a positive atmosphere for education. Most students only dress the way they dress because they try to fit in or it’s because there are exciting fashion trends to follow. Almost everyone at this school has broken the rules for dress code at one point or another.

Teachers treat the students differently by gender. Something that they have done in the past few months is dress code girls for what they wear, but when the boys wear the same things, they really don’t mind it. Some people think that the outcome of the dress code does not match the qualities employers look for. However, the dress code can help students dress appropriately for a positive appearance in the school environment, which will help students prepare for the future.

Also, a dress code can help prevent gangs from forming and diminish peer pressure. The dress code helps keep our students safe. The dress code can help prevent sexual harassment and other negative things like that. It may sound weird, but things like this really can and do happen—especially in our world today.

I think dress code should not take place, because it is not necessary. If the students want to dress up as a hoochie then let them dress themselves that way. Also, most of the students do notice that the dress code is sexist.

Yes, of course, school staff will dress code the girls, but the way they dress code these girls is way different from the way they dress code boys. Boys do disobey dress code, but they don’t notice because they only filter out the worst in girls and what they planned to wear that day.

The dress code can lead girls to doing sexual things with boys and it can give the boys easy access depending on what they wear, too.

Most people judge based on what other people wear, which is not only bad for the community, but also themselves and what others see in them. Students might judge others off what they wear and how they wear it. It’s not good to judge others because of the clothes they wear and how they wear them.

Most of the clothing now does depend on fashion, and fashion does not follow any dress code—especially the ripped jeans and cropped tops.

The style now isn’t based off of the dress code and most girls these days don’t care what the dress code says about what they wear. Most people only disobey dress code because they try to fit in what everyone else is wearing around school and in public. The style is always going to have to come out one day in these high schoolers’ heads.

Parents now do not care what their children wear. If parents were there to help their children out with what they wear to school and the clothes they buy from the store, then the school wouldn’t need a dress code.

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Why do high school kids still choose to disobey dress code?