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Changes to transgender protections


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AMERICA was outraged when the Trump administration declared that they partially repealed Title IX protections for transgender students.

“Most Americans think that just because it doesn’t affect me, I shouldn’t have to worry about it,” Mr. Jackson, an assistant principal, said. And when put into the context of the protections being repealed, that’s true. Most people think just because they aren’t transgender, this change doesn’t affect them. But it does, and they just don’t know it.

When you think about Title IX, you probably think about transgender students. The truth is title IX benefited everyone. Title IX was made to stop discrimination against gender, or sex. When certain guidelines within it were repealed, it confused many Americans.

I asked a couple transgender friends who didn’t want to be named for their opinions, and they told me that they are sure that the Trump administration will be checked and balanced and get less power. Almost all of them think that the Trump administration won’t be able to get rid of the Title IX provisions that protect transgender students.

When asked, some people said that, “I was raised to think differently,” but that is a bad excuse. I honestly don’t see why people say that, because it’s not true.

Anybody can change an opinion. All it is, is if you are open minded enough to be able to incorporate that change. If you are willing to want to believe in that change. That’s all that matters. If you don’t want to change, and if you are closed minded, you’ll never change. You will forever think what you do because you don’t want to think differently.

One person can’t lead a revolution, but one person can open a mind, then another, and another so on and so forth. Soon there is a very large number of people who believe in what you do, and that is a revolution. That’s how almost every peaceful revolution started. So, if you believe me, and you convince your friend, then his friend, and so on, maybe, just maybe, people can get society to open their minds to new and different things.

When people tease you, and put you down for feelings that you have, it’s hurtful. You might not even want to have them, but they’re there, and you can’t ignore them. Believe me, if people could, they wouldn’t have these feelings, but they’re still there.

Back to Title IX, if the Trump Administration repeals the protections given to transgender students, they will be in mortal danger. Because if people see a girl in the men’s restroom, they’re going to tease her, and/or physically harass her. That is more dangerous than the one pedophile that might sneak into a women’s bathroom to create harm.

It seems more like common sense than anything. So, I am still confused as to why the Trump administration wants to repeal these protective orders that put in place to protect transgender students. It’s not like you’ll be affected if the protections don’t change.

Please keep in mind, that this is my opinion.

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Changes to transgender protections