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When it comes to first impressions, names make all the difference


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NAMES can be a touchy subject sometimes. But one question that few Lancers get asked is “Would you ever change your name?”

This question would draw a blank stare from many Lancers, but others would have a full response to that question, and it would include the reasons that his or her name doesn’t fit or how that name doesn’t quite define him or her.

“I changed my name because I’m trans. I wanted a name that I chose—to me it felt true. This name fits me. My old name was a female name, and I didn’t want to be part of the female society. People would see my legal name and just assume that I was a girl, but now that I pass as a male, people don’t really notice it. They will call me Jaeden, that’s what I want. Also I respond to this name much more than my old name. I’m happy with the name that I have now,” Jaeden Tamaura  (12) said.

On the other hand, it could have another impact. They would change their name in a heartbeat because of a person who was very much loved. Or they see it as an honor to be named by that person. Or perhaps it all started with a bit of generous love.

“The reason that I would like to change my name is because of my grandfather; he would call me Juan. I would correct him that Juan was not my name. But later I got to know why he was calling me Juan. That was because he lost his father whose name was Juan. Before it was just a little secret between me and him now my whole family knows about it. Now I have changed it on all of my social media. I feel honored that my grandfather gave me that nickname. Now I want to make that my name,” Oscar Hernandaz (12) said.

Hernandez’s and Tamaura’s reasons for name changes aren’t the only ones. Bullying, for example, can play a big role in wanting to change names.

“I would totally change my name. In the past, I was bullied about my name, it was a name that I did not want to have because of my bullying as a child. Now I just try to not let it get to me. My mother wanted to name me a different name. But my father went behind her back and named me ‘Summer,’ ” Summer Vines (12) said

And sometimes names get more likeable after learning how or why it happened. It can be interesting to know more about a name’s history or meaning.

“My name was very common. Mostly every boy had that name at that time. But then later I wanted to know more behind my name. Turns out ‘Ryan’ is an Irish name from my Irish ancestry, and to me that was something that was really cool. So, despite it being common name at the time, I got to learn something interesting about it,” Mr. Stones said.

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When it comes to first impressions, names make all the difference