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Moxie delivers fresh tracks for review

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Moxie delivers fresh tracks for review


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Every day new artists are being discovered, and it always is a struggle to really make it big, but it’s always worth a try to publish your stuff and hope for the best. In the past week, artists have been preparing for their big release of their songs and albums. Luckily enough, a few local journalists got to hear some songs just before they are released thanks to Moxie for giving fellow high school journalists the hook-up to hear a few of the clips.


We Belong

Reach Records

Street: 03.31.17

An artist is coming into the well-known music scene is GAWVI, he is currently producing music that follows in the electro pop and is classified as an EDM DJ. He had just dropped a new album called, We Belong. The album contains fourteen different tracks, the album is kept upbeat and many of the tracks have meanings about partnership, some of the songs even have a jazz sense to them.

One of the songs that may become his newest single is “Closer.” With as common a title as it may have, it is nothing like the Chainsmokers’ song. The song features artists Robbie Lee and Julissa Leilani, the song speaks about finding a different type of love. When you got some down time in class search up GAWVI on YouTube or Spotify and give his album a listen and spread the word, for he may be a very new upcoming artist.

Julia Brennan

Inner Demons EP

Columbia Records

Street: 11.04.16

Another artist who just recently released a few of their new songs is Julia Brennan, and she is a songwriter. She managed to sign onto a record label and have a few of her own songs produced for an EP just at the age nineteen. Unlike the last GAWVI, Julia Brennan´s genre of music involves a bunch of piano-laced songs.

One of the tracks she released called “Inner Demons” is going to become her newest single, and the song has the perfect melody. It talks about the fact that we, as human beings, all have demons, and it´s OK—we all need to face them and meet them. With only three songs out that are easily relatable, I suggest you log on to Spotify and look her up and give her songs a listen. They are absolutely beautiful and speak to you so perfectly.

Against the Current

In Our Bones

Fueled by Ramen

Street: 05.06.16

Against the Current is an American pop punk band who started as a small band with a few songs of their own, you may also know the lead singer Chrissy Costanza, who happens to appear on a lot of YouTube covers with the well-known artist Kurt Hugo Schneider and Alex Goot. They’re a band that is tearing through the music scene has fought a good long six years to be known in the music scene.

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Moxie delivers fresh tracks for review