Seniors reflect on regrets

AS SENIOR year comes to an end, seniors get ready for graduation and get ready to move on from being high school students to being adults in the real world. But leaving all that aside, most seniors might have some regrets from the all the years they’ve been here.

“I regret not doing tryouts for soccer because I love soccer and I wish I would’ve at least tried out. I also wish I would’ve taken more opportunities in school instead of slacking off,” Alan Nava (12) said. He has some regrets about school choices.

Most seniors regret not taking more opportunities in school such as, applying for college on college day, trying out for sports, or simply taking some classes.

Savannah Mejia (12) regrets one of these things, too. “I kinda regret not having a better attitude because if I were to have a better attitude, I might’ve enjoyed things much more. I also regret being lazy about college stuff and scholarships,” Mejia said.

Some students most likely have lots of regrets about high school, while other don’t have any. Pablo Arellano (12) says he doesn’t have any regrets, “Nope, I don’t really have any regrets I’m just trying get out of high school to start college and find a better job,” Arellano said.

Very few students have no regrets, but they do wish they took part in more stuff. “One thing I wish I would’ve taken part in is soccer. I always loved playing Soccer, but I’ve never actually tried out for the team or even really thought about it. I guess that’s on me,” Arellano said.

Regrets can be anything from wishing to have done better in the past four at Granger High to not having tried out for some sports to missing out on interesting classes. Other regrets include missed school activities such as going to games, assemblies, spirit week activities, and skipping extracurricular activities.

Adrian Ortega (12) said he doesn’t really regret not going to some games or assemblies. “No not really, I don’t regret it a whole lot, but I do a little. The only thing I regret not doing is joining a sports team,” Ortega said.

Few of the students here at Granger regret not going to assemblies and such, but some do regret not joining sports teams, “I wish I would’ve joined wrestling, because it’s just a great sport and it could have prepared me for life.” Ortega said. Seniors who may regret not going to games are usually the students who a think that stuff is either not worth it or a ‘waste of time’ because they’d rather be focusing on school work.