Saturday school makes sense

THE WEEKEND is probably the happiest time of the week where students stay up later than usual, sleep in the next day, and panic about homework the night before school begins again. Saturday school will prevent some of these pleasures listed above, but will also help raise CPSs and reduce fines at the same time. Yes, students do have to wake up earlier than usual to attend a Saturday school session, since it starts at 8:00 a.m. Getting high fines and horrible CPAs taken care of will make students and counselors feel relieved.

Fines pile up, and sometimes it looks ridiculous seeing such high fine totals posted in the office window. Getting fees taken care of with cash or G-Cards is possible for some, but with larger fee totals, Granger students can attend Saturday school to get $100 subtracted from the overall amount owed.

“It’s easy money to pay off for those students that don’t want use their own cheddar for fines,” Jonathan Cerritos (11) said. Going to one day of school for the weekend to clear a fine total under $100 is highly recommended.

With such high fine totals among Granger Lancers, Saturday school attendance numbers should be higher. Maybe why students are not attending Saturday school is because it’s harder for them to get to school on a Saturday morning. Clearly it’s hard for these students to get to school on a regular day.

“Why do people complain? I think it’s good that they make it on a Saturday. It’s like a lesson for students missing class,” Luis Arciga (12) said.

Some students come because a counselor or parent heard about the situation. These students were told to attend because their CPAs were low because they often miss class or arrive late. Helping raise CPA while completing missing work inside the school is a great opportunity. The only downsides are that it happens on a Saturday and lasts about four hours.

Missing out on a day of the weekend is hard enough, but having that day be a ‘Saturday’ makes it worse. It’s horrible for students to spend their time on something that they don’t want do.

“It’s a waste of my time. I have work on Saturdays, and I could pay off the fines by working that day and making the money I need to give to the school and a bit more,” Anthony Rivas (12) said.

Students have things to do on the weekend, whether it’s for an upcoming sport game, babysitting, or working at a job. Hopefully students will tell their parents and bosses about this opportunity to raise CPA and lower fines by attending Saturday school.