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Side by side: reporters offer opinions about teacher visits to homes


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WOULDN’T it be a bit odd if one of your teachers were to visit you at home? Well believe it or not, word has been going around that Granger High school is starting a new home visit policy. In other words, Granger High school teachers will soon be visiting students at home. Strange right?

Many people love the idea of home visits and many others believe that it is an invasion of privacy and I agree. Why? Well for starters I, myself would not feel comfortable with a teacher visiting me at home because that’s the only time I do not have to worry about school or anything that has to do with school.

Teachers are meant to stay at school and teach there. It’d be OK if a teacher were to visit my home if I were younger like in preschool or grade school, but since I’m are in high school, I really see no need for teachers to be visiting yomyur house.

Let’s take students out of the equation. How would the parents feel if teachers were to unexpectedly show up at your doorstep? Most parents are anti–school and would not like the idea of a teacher visiting their home. Not only that, but there are a lot of students with problems at home and having a teacher over probably wouldn’t be the best idea. Maybe not everyone has at home problems, but not everyone would want a teacher visiting.

I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing either, but parents do get busy and don’t really have time to meet with a teacher. A teacher can get a little too involved and report information that does not need to be reported, which will cause chaos at home, at school, with the student and of course, the teacher. For example, if the teacher saw that the house wasn’t too stable and reported that, it’d do a lot to the family, maybe a not-so-stable home is what they are used to.

However, school will be affected if you have an overly involved teacher. How? Well with your teachers being a little too involved in your personal life and knowing a little bit too much about your personal information, that can affect the relationship that the two of you have. The student may start disliking that teacher, and that is probably when disrespect will soon start to occur.

Not only that, but that student may lash out and disrupt the teacher’s class. That may not always be the case, but if a teacher does cause chaos then, yeah, of course some hatred towards that teacher will grow. The outcome does not always have to be negative, there can be a positive outcome as well, maybe the student actually needed help, but regardless I still believe that a teacher should not visit a student’s home.

A teacher’s environment is school, we go to the teachers, the teachers do not come to us. We go to school to learn, and our teachers do not come to us and teach us at our house. Perhaps they are not there to teach, but if not, then why visit? What’s the point in visiting a high schooler’s home?

More than 3000 students attend Granger High School, so I highly doubt teachers have enough time to teach school, visit homes, and live their own personal lives as well. Perhaps it is to check up on how a student lives or maybe the environment that the student lives in, but like I was saying, if that’s the case, then a teacher can get involved in something they shouldn’t and just cause chaos.

It’s best if teachers just stay at school, there is no need to visit homes.

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Side by side: reporters offer opinions about teacher visits to homes