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Lancers take classes that help prepare them for their future


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AFTER high school is when people really solidify the career path they wish to pursue. High school classes are meant to help kids explore future career paths. Granger has the normal classes that most high schools offer, but GTI classes are another type of class that Granger students can take that are much more hands-on, as opposed to traditional, lecture-style high school classes.

Kayley Latimer (9) wants to be a neurosurgeon when she grows up. “Medical terminology, medical anatomy, and a couple of other GTI classes will help me with the medical field,” Latimer said. Though Granger doesn’t provide many medical classes for freshmen, Latimer is still planning on taking whatever medical classes that Granger provides.

According to the website, high school classes that benefit neurosurgeons are: biochemistry, anatomy, and calculus. Biochemistry covers the chemical reactions in biological processes and anatomy focuses on specific functions in the body. Most medical schools require two years of college-leveled math, preferably calculus.

Harley Hennessy (9) does not have a set career in mind, but she is looking into the engineering field. “I’m taking an engineering class at the GTI right now. GTI classes are really hands-on and really help you get a sense of how the jobs work,” Hennessy said.

Hennessy is also looking into some kind of career involving psychology. “I’m planning on taking AP Psychology when I can,” Hennessy said. An article by Kendra Cherry on the website recommends having a strong background in science and math. Having strong writing and communications skills are just as important, so English and speech courses can be very beneficial.

I plan to study social science, specifically as a social worker that can help kids with disabilities,” Beatriz Juarez (12) said. Social workers help kids and families with their current conditions in life. “I think I’m really benefiting from all these classes that I’m taking. I think that those classes can really help me. I’ve been taking these classes since junior year,” Juarez said.

“I’m taking a lot of law classes, like practical law. I’m doing a bunch of math classes that I hope can really benefit me,” Juarez said. Social workers need to study law so that they know what to do in certain circumstances.

Wylliam Jarvo (11) hopes to follow in his father’s steps with law and corrections. Law is an interesting field that would allow Jarvo to work with other people. “Next year I’m going to take the Intro to Corrections and Intro to Law classes at the GTI,” Jarvo said.

“Since I don’t know a lot about law and corrections, I’m hoping to learn more about it. I think that the GTI classes are a great jumping off point,” he said.

A lot of kids use the computers, but don’t have any interest in how they work. Tanner Smith (9) is hoping to be a computer programmer when he grows up. Smith doesn’t really know why he is interested in computers, but he has always enjoyed learning about the way computers work.  “Computer programming is really the only class in my freshman year that can help me,” Smith said.

High school classes directly benefit students because they lead to future careers. From traditional high school classes to hands-on GTI classes, Lancers have a lot of available choices as they continue to explore career opportunities.


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Lancers take classes that help prepare them for their future