Lancer Action Team represents Granger in a positive way



GRANGER has a variety of service-oriented clubs, from Key Club to the recently organized Rotary Club, that serve the community in many different ways. One of the most distinct is the Lancer Action Team. The students that make up this club are carefully selected by Ms. Turner, the advisor, and they work together to organize and carry out dozens of service projects every year.

The Lancer Action Team, also known as peer leadership, is made up of juniors and seniors that have been chosen based on an application they fill out near the end of each school year. Like student government, the team meets during third period to come up with new project ideas and put together events that will serve not only Lancers, but various members of the community.

They have already completed a wide variety of projects this year, including three blood drives and the True Lancer program. True Lancer is designed to motivate students to get involved with school activities. Students can do anything from donate in the blood drive to meet the principal, and when they do, they receive points that can be redeemed for G-Cards, Granger pins, and even a t-shirt.

The True Lancer program is just one of many projects the Lancer Action Team has organized this year. “We’ve gone to the Rocky Mountain Care Center and the Harmon Home down the street to play bingo and things like that. We also go to elementary schools to do crafts and play games,” Charlotte Jacketta (11) said.

These projects are all designed to give back to the community and help others in any way possible. Because members of the Lancer Action Team are leaders that represent Granger High School, it is their responsibility to take charge both in and out of the classroom. “The point of the class is for each student to take a leadership role, so throughout the year we all individually plan projects,” Jacketta said.

Teamwork is also stressed in the club. While each student is supposed to plan his or her own project, all members of the team carry it out so that the job is done well. This helps the students bond and get to know each other better, so that by the end of the year, they are a family as much as they are a team.

“I love how everyone works together. Nobody’s a stranger in the group, so we have a really fun time as we’re helping others,” Amivi Afatchao (11) said. Through community service, these students are able to develop their leadership skills while simultaneously strengthening friendships.

As the Lancer Action Team continues to carry out helpful projects, they also begin gearing up for next year. Applications to sign up for the club are available now and require the applicant to answer a few short questions. They cover subjects like CPA, past service projects the applicant has participated in, and qualities they feel a leader should have. These are all important aspects of the Lancer Action Team and the responses applicants write help Ms. Turner decide who should be admitted into the club.

While previous members of the group are the first to be considered for positions in the club and can recommend students they feel would be a good fit, anyone with a desire to work hard and serve others is encouraged to apply. Previously, only juniors and seniors were chosen to be members. Next year, however, sophomores will be allowed to join as well.

The students selected will represent Granger and guide others throughout the year. As leaders in the school and community, Lancer Action Team members strive to do their best and serve others in any way they can.