Former gangster explains reasons for joining and leaving gangs

HERE AT Granger High, there is a significant number of gangs. It makes the employees who work here very concerned about Lancers’ safety. This issue does not only make administrators enforce a dress code policy, but it also alerts the adults that they have to stay focused at all time because fights and injuries could occur at any time.

“Gangs can be difficult because first you have to be jumped for the numbers of seconds that is in your set. Then to be officially in you have to kill someone you are close with or a family member,” an anonymous source said.

Gangs can have a big effect on someone’s education and life it can lead into a path that can be very difficult to get out of later. With that said, not all gang members are bad. There are some students who can keep up good grades and be successful at the same time that they are in a gang.

The biggest reason for people joining gangs is because a gang is like a family they will not abandon anyone when they need it the most. The second biggest reason would have to be because of friends/ family convince them that it’s the correct thing to do.

“I was put into the gang lifestyle at just 15 years old, and I joined because I was convinced by one of my friends that it was the right thing to do. My gang is like a family I know they got me when something goes down just like I got them,” another anonymous source said.

Gangs can be dangerous not just for the gang members but also for the families of the teens and young adults.

They can cause a lot of commotion which can result in being locked up or even death. Getting out of this lifestyle can be very difficult to do, but that is why Granger High has police officers here to guide students and make sure they are not getting in trouble with the law.

There is a program that is called GRASP that helps teens who want to get out of a gang. They offer some advice to lead you in the correct path, and they help remove any gang-related tattoos. Finally, they also offer job training that will explain the basics of what to look forward to in a job.

“Anyone who wants help getting out of a gang, or wants to avoid joining a gang, is encouraged to attend meetings. In addition, referrals are accepted from Juvenile Justice, schools, family, friends, public defenders, and other community-based agencies. There is no fee,” as stated on the website.

Acceptance is something everyone searches for. Some find that in gang and others don’t.

At the end of the day, all Lancers and all staff members are concerned about the students’ safety and what goes on in the hallways, including what happens in the school boundaries and beyond.

“We are all responsible for your well-being and don’t want to see any of you hurt,” Mr. Timothy said. “There are more positives in life than we sometime recognize, but it’s those positive things that we have to focus on that makes us forget all about the negatives things that just hold us back.”