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THE NETWORK has been up and down for weeks and the outage outrage has been getting worse. With the issue of a school network, the problem requires a patient solution that takes time from the faculty and the students. Teaching students is affected, since teachers can’t pull up something on a computer whenever they want to.

“My plan on what I’m teaching has changed five times in a week, and that can rise an hour later with another class period having internet so that puts the classes on different schedules,” Ms. Hunt said.

For years, problems like this were never really a lingering issue, until major testing with SchoolCity began, but never took over on the conversation until the whole school had the same issue at the same time.

Having the new math site called ‘Aleks’ has reportedly become an issue.

The math classes sometimes are the only ones that get the network to work for them since they use lots of bandwidth all at once. “I am angry at it,” Ms. Hunt said. The math classes are getting good internet service while other classes are not putting the technology we have to good use.

Students going on the website see the issue more clearly when they leave their math class. “It doesn’t take long to start or finish when we are in class,” Moises Tejeda (11) said. “No obstacle in the way for the class’s objective for the day, while other classes are having trouble getting in the network on the computers.”

It’s not the math that is the problem, it’s the issue of having the network focusing towards the math website usage and no one else.

Luckily, students have the comforting help from their phone to help with assignments. Wrong, the issue may partially be in the student’s hands. In a class where students have a lot of a free time, students go on their phones and use the internet.

“I go on Netflix or on YouTube when I’m bored,” Oscar Diaz (12) said. Seeing students’ handheld devices as the problem reveals a blow to the network’s capability and its limits. Teachers felt the frustration with grading reports or putting in grades for a regular paper assignment before the midterm deadline.

Some teachers had to wait until the network was back up and running to put in attendance for a class that already passed. Students are not happy about this either, seeing that the teacher can’t pull up a PowerPoint, so students are given a textbook assignment instead for the lesson that day.

Luckily, testing is not going on while this dilemma of not having Wi-Fi is around. Getting the network running up is great, but how long can it be up, especially when there is going to be major test flooding throughout the school.

Having a big problem like this one, it is already being talked about and it should no doubt be one of the administration’s top problems that should resolved.

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Granger High School’s Network…[Loading]…Error