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They’re coming: teachers from Granger will visit students’ homes


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COMMUNICATION. It’s a must when students are going to school, especially high school. The majority of students spend at least 30-35 hours a week at school, 6 of those hours are spent daily attending four classes that are each divided into an hour and a half blocks. In each of these classes has an average of 20-30 students, imagine trying to remember all of their names and getting to know them one-on-one. Whether they’re an honor student, failing student, athlete, SBO, etc. It seems pretty insurmountable, yet this is a little glimpse of a teacher’s life.

One way to close this rising gap in the community is a new program called: Parent Teacher Home Visit Project. For 15 years, this program has connected home and school communication that support students. In over a dozen states, schools and districts have taken action with this program. It leads to parent involvement, a decrease of disciplinary problems, a rise in attendance, and an increase in student achievement.

“To be honest, it would feel different but it’s for a good cause. It would feel a little awkward and strange, since it isn’t normal and it doesn’t happen as much. But I would lean toward the good side,” Giovanna Aguilar (12) said.

Most students’ reactions weren’t as positive.

“The teachers don’t need to come to our houses. If I want to talk to a teacher I can visit them in their classroom before or after school,” said Oswaldo Sanchez (11).

However, the administration is trying to change this pessimistic attitude towards the program. “It’s a good experience. The concept is to build a better relationship between school and home. We don’t want to be a disciplinary thing or a negative thing. We want it to be an open communication. We are comfortable enough to be coming to your home, so we want you to be comfortable to walking through the doors of the school,” Mr. Beck said.

Ms. Gaskins feels the same way. “I don’t get to know my students personally during the day, and this helps to get to know them better. It’s not supposed to be scary and uncomfortable. It’s really a ‘what can we do better at Granger to help the parent and student?’ ” Ms. Gaskins said.

Although these visits may seem simple enough, it takes a lot of time out of a teacher’s schedule. In order to visit a student’s home, teachers must take a training course that will teach them how to interact with parents and students. Then, they must sign up in pairs and find an appropriate time to visit, since the majority of parents work past 3:00 p.m. The fact that many students come from Spanish-speaking households may present other challenges. Even though the visits will last only 30 minutes, they will result in a long day for the teachers, because they also have to write a report for each visit.

Nevertheless, teachers will get compensated for their time and effort, but this has some students really questioning who the home visits are really for. “Some teachers may do it for the money, but I believe that majority do it for the students,” Alan Cervzantes (9) said.

With the school in controversy over teachers visiting homes, only time will tell for Granger High School. Be prepared Lancers. Listen for a doorbell ringing or the tappity-tap-tap of a knock-knock-knock…the teachers are coming.

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They’re coming: teachers from Granger will visit students’ homes