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Simple mistakes cause problems during registration


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MOST OF the time, when it comes to picking out classes, students don’t know what they want. They usually want classes with friends. At the same time, they also want to get all their credits so they can either graduate early or just so they can start taking classes to help towards their careers. It is also really hard, because they don’t know what they are doing as they register. They need help so they don’t make mistakes.

“One of the mistakes is that usually happens when it comes to registration is that the kids don’t listen. They are told to mark 18 boxes, but only mark 16. They don’t pay attention. Sometimes with new students, since we don’t have their records, they try to pick the same classes that they have already taken just to see if they can get away with it. Most students try to pick classes with their friends, but that doesn’t work out since we have so many students,” Ms. Havea, the H-L counselor, said.

When students do registration, they feel like it takes too long and that it takes up most of their day. Well, luckily the counselors plan to speed up the process.

“This year we plan to get it done fast, quick, and efficient…well, that is our goal. We’ve made a lot of changes to the cards that will hopefully make the process much smoother. We have easier cards this year, which is good, because we have to get them done faster because we have an earlier deadline,” Ms. Havea said.

With so many classes and having to get in so many different credits, most students wonder how they will get what they need in time to graduate. They also wonder about how to be successful.

Ms. Havea has tips for success. “One of the ways is to get involved. Pass their classes. Be on time to all of your classes and do all of your work,” she said.

Ms. Havea isn’t the only counselor with advice.

“Love your counselors,” said Ms. Long in a joking manner. “All in all, just do your best. There are usually a couple kids that don’t know what to do and don’t know what to take or how it will benefit their college plans, she said.

Students who are registering for school for the first time or are just registering for the next year or even for college will find that there are many things to consider and many things to help make it all go right.

“I’m excited for registration. because I get to see if I can get into Spanish. One thing I don’t like about registration is having to choose classes that I don’t like or don’t want to be in. Registration confuses me, because when I sign up for something and then when we come to get my schedule, it’s not there. That or there are things on my schedule that I didn’t sign up for,” Kinzie Keeling (9) said.

Whether students are excited for registration or not, let’s hope that they can all get some of what they want.

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Simple mistakes cause problems during registration