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Bojack Horseman presses the issue of depression on TV


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BOJACK Horseman is more of an adult-type of cartoon that was started on Netflix. Bojack currently has three seasons but has been renewed for a fourth.  The show features an anthropomorphic horse in Los Angeles. The show takes a real look on the Hollywood life. The show is a comedy with mature topics.

Bojack Horseman is our main character. Bojack is a washed-up celebrity from a sitcom called Horsin’ Around. When he is first introduced, he is your typical arrogant character type. He struggles with substance abuse and depression. He deals with loneliness and depression by drinking and womanizing.

Bojack sees his life as pointless. He thinks the great days are over and the worst days are yet to come. He feels like it’s too late for him to turn his life around. Bojack feels helpless, as if he’s drowning. Bojack can get everything he wants but will still never be happy.

Bojack continues to go through this heartbreakingly-familiar cycle. Just when it feels as though Bojack has managed to overcome his depression, he’s falling back down dark that pit of depression and self-loathing.

Princess Carolyn is Bojack’s on and off again girlfriend and agent. Princess Carolyn wants a real relationship, she blames Bojack for this. Princess Carolyn has been let down by Bojack not only romantically, but he also turns down every project she gives him. Princess Carolyn has been a constant in Bojack’s life until she decides to put herself first.

Mr. Peanutbutter is a yellow lab. He could be considered a frenemy to Bojack. Mr. Peanutbutter’s career starts when he copies Bojack’s show with another sitcom called Mr. Peanutbutter’s house. Mr. Peanutbutter is a positive airhead that can have unexpected depth. Despite their rivalry, Mr. Peanutbutter cares for Bojack’s opinion and admires his work.

Todd Chavez is Bojack’s roommate. Todd could be the first openly asexual characters to appear on television. Todd thinks of Bojack as his best friend despite the multiple insults he gives him. Todd is constantly loyal to Bojack, but only gets complete indifference in return. Their friendship begins to die out when Todd begins to question Bojack.

Diane Nguyen is Bojack’s ghost writer for his memoir. Diane is dating Mr. Peanutbutter. Diane is generally intelligent. Diane and Bojack start off having a strong friendship that quickly becomes strained when Bojack develops feelings for Diane. Diane struggles with wanting to do more with her life but having certain aspects hold her back.

I personally didn’t like the show at first. A few episodes in and the show was like the typical comedy cartoon. However, in episode eight, Bojack comes face-to-face with the hard truth. That to me is when the show becomes more than a comedy, it becomes reality.

I related to Bojack, but not about everything he does or says. There were moments where I could really see myself in him. Bojack isn’t very likable at first, until you start to sympathize with him and his many flaws.

This is honestly the first show that I could fully relate to. The humor remains, but is mixed in with these very dark moments. Bojack Horseman has the ability to make you question yourself and past decisions.

Depression is a hard topic to mention in modern television.  Bojack Horseman adds a realistic aspect of how depression actually feels like. Though this show deals with depression, it doesn’t excuse the bad behavior that can be caused from depression. This show can help people who are depressed feel less alone.

Though this show is mature in many of its topics, if you get a chance I highly recommend this show. Not everyone will have the same experience as me, but hopefully the thoughtful moments will keep you watching and enjoying.

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Bojack Horseman presses the issue of depression on TV