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One of the deadliest mountain expeditions took place on Mount Everest in 1996


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EVEREST is a true story that is based on one of the most horrific mountain expeditions that occurred in May of 1996. This movie allows you to have a better understanding of the realistic events that unfolded that fateful day.

From the title, you can already tell that it is a journey up Mount Everest, a mountain that stands 29,029 ft tall, not to mention that the mountain’s highest 848 meters are known as the “death zone”. It is located between China and Nepal in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas.

Each character has a different reason as to why he or she wants to climb Everest, ranging from one person who wants to prove that an ordinary person can do something extraordinary to a woman who is finishing all seven summits.

Rob Hall, one of the main guides of the expedition, meets with the amateur climbers that he will be leading up the mountain. A few weeks before the initial climb of the mountain, all those who are climbing meet at the airport. They go over the dangers of Everest and its “death zone” noting they hope to make it past that level quickly.

As the climbers make it to the bottom of the mountain and head up to the base camp they meet Scott; leader of the Mountain Madness climbing company. Rob convinced a journalist to write an article on Rob’s team rather than Scott’s team. Although they are competitors, they still seem to be on good terms with each other.

As the climbers are making their way from base camp to camp two, they have to use a ladder to cross over a crevasse. Once one of the climbers decides to cross over, ice chunks break off causing the ladder to shake making the climber stumble and hang on for his life.

Due to concerns, Rob and Scott decide to have both their own teams join to make their way up the mountain together. Although they both have different styles of climbing, ultimately they think of a plan for who should have oxygen tanks and where to place them.

With the climbers making their way up the mountain, some began to become ill and face a big struggle as there are no fixed ropes. Since there are no fixed ropes as they get higher, it results in some of the climbers deciding to go back to the base camp.

Finally, the rest of the bunch who make it to the top of Everest leave things to mark that they made it to the top.

Rob then helps one last climber who was behind the others to make it to the top. However, a blizzard ends up hitting the mountain resulting in Rob and the climber taking cover, as well as others who were already making their way down but got caught in the storm. It does not help that they cannot find the oxygen tanks on the mountain, either.

In order to rescue the two towards the top, one climber makes his way up to them to bring an oxygen tank. But due to hypoxia the climber faces a great risk. However, this is not where the story ends and there is much more.

Overall this story is tragic yet exciting, and you will end up wanting to not leave your seat. Considering that this is based on a true story, it adds a more realistic view as you visualize yourself in their position. It is a great story that should be shared with many audiences.

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One of the deadliest mountain expeditions took place on Mount Everest in 1996