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New year’s resolutions may be dying out for Lancers




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MANY students and parents, try to keep up with goals and New Year’s resolutions they set for themselves. That is no surprise, as it is common to have a New Year’s resolution. It’s also traditional, but it seems that this tradition is beginning to die out as students get older.

Many people can forget their goals in as little as a week after the New Year, if they are strong enough to make it that far.

Other people grip their goals and keep them alive by making a plan first to get it done. They take steps to complete a goal and put their effort into their mission so that it becomes a total success. When they do complete it, they have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

In the end, students are all human, and sometimes the goals that they have set for themselves don’t happen. They forget about them or are just too tired to set reminders on their phones. Most students have some friends determined to do their best.

They focus on school or work or any activities they have outside of school. Sometimes it’s not family or friends who encourage Lancers. Some students just have to take matters into their own hands. Lancers need to know what they have to do without reminders from family and friends.

Mr. Pace said he would like to start all over with the whole New Year’s Eve promises because he has failed to keep that promise going. He encourages people to find discipline to see their resolutions through.

Mr. Pace has a couple of things in mind that he himself wants to do this New Year. He wants to take actions that will help him get to his goals and complete it. He says he has a new way of reminding himself to complete his target.

“I will do it,” Esdras Esquivel (12) said. That’s how he completes his goals. He starts with a plan and what he can work on, and what can help him get to his goal. His reminders are sticky notes on the back of his door so when he walks out the door he will read them.

His daily reminder focuses him on his goal is for the day. He started to do this when he got into high school. His family members are the ones who helped him. It inspires him to reach his goals, to keep making new ones, and to keep completing them.

Tyani Alo (11) said she is competitive, but to her that is key in life. She said that her parents are the ones who encouraged her to try hard and do the best that she can. For her, she needs to have total focus on school so she can be a total beast in school and in her games.

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New year’s resolutions may be dying out for Lancers