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From fall to winter: the change from football to basketball


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GRANGER High School offers many different sports and many different activities going on at the same time. However, the big switch is from football to basketball. These two sports bring the crowds.

“I am very excited for the new sports season that’s starting, I plan on going to as many games as I can,” Jose Perez (9) said. He has already planned on making it to as many games possible to show as much support as he can. Perez sits next to the seniors in the crowd, overall, he has the best time going to the games.

However, other students really don’t care for the new season and the new games that are starting. “Honestly, basketball is not my favorite but I’ll go if my friends want me to go. Honestly, I think the new season has a lot to give us. I think all of our teams in all of the sports will do very well this season if they have the right drive,” Nikki Stout (12) said. Stout was a football manager. Basketball may not be her sport but she is always ready to support her fellow Lancers.

Granger Lancers are very excited to see what the boys and girls basketball teams have to offer. They’re very excited to cheer them on in the crimson crowd and support them no matter how far they go.

“I go to the boys varsity basketball games to support the team and my brother, Brendan. I enjoy the games and the excitement that follows,” Blaze Blank (10) said. Blank is also a wrestler who is excited to get out on the mats again with the support of his brother but also seeing his brother in action is a feeling he can’t compare.

Students love to come out to the games and watch the hype. It is a grand time and a new game day for students who aren’t big into football and love the thrill of basketball. Every student has their opinion on how they feel about it, but for the most part they are thrilled.

The start of something new has many excited to see how it ends and what the season has to offer the students at Granger High School. Then end is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is a good thing. This new season could lead to a great victory in the finals.

All in all, the student body should be excited to see the outcome of the fact that it is out with the old and in with the new. Nothing wrong with it whats

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From fall to winter: the change from football to basketball