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G-House Customs connects students to their future careers


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G-HOUSE Customs is an exuberant club full of Lancers with a love for cars and close friends. Every Thursday at 2:25 p.m. These students meet in the auto shop to socialize and learn. G-House Customs may have a reputation for being strictly about cars, but the members of the club want students to think otherwise.

“It’s not all about the cars,” Michael Gorski (12) said. Gorski is the vice president of G-House Customs. He loves the club because it is like one big family and everyone gets along. He is happy about how many more students have joined the club compared to other years. “There are more people, and people are more active,” he said. The club hosts different fun activities often.

In September, the students arranged a day to go to a local indoor go-karting track named Fast Kart. Mr. Ballew, Granger’s automotive teacher, went with and watched over everyone. “It went really well,” he said. There were about 25 kids who participated and overall, they did 3 races. After the competitive racing, a group of the students who didn’t want the night to be over went out to eat nearby.

On October 1, G-House Customs decided to do a car wash to raise funds for the club. They asked for a minimum of $5 for washing and vacuuming, although the customers could donate any amount above the price asked if they wanted. The fundraiser was very successful and there were about 20 students who helped. They raised an impressive $288 which will go towards the club’s future activities.

When the members of G-House Customs meet on Thursdays, they discuss their future plans and afterward they can bring in their cars for open shop time if they choose to do so. It becomes a fun environment to socialize and make friends. That’s one thing Mr. Ballew likes about having the students around the shop. He said he likes talking to the youth and he often has open conversations with students. Both Mr. Ballew and Gorski have high hopes that more students will get involved and join G-House Customs. The club still has numerous exciting ideas to plan for upcoming activities.

With all of the activities taken into consideration, G-House Customs is an excellent club to get hands-on experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. “Besides it being fun, it is a really great place to learn,” Mr. Ballew said. If students take advantage of the open shop time, they get a chance to learn about cars individually or with their friends. Any Lancers who want to join are welcome to meet after school on Thursdays in the Auto Shop. The club officers and members hope to see new faces around soon.

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G-House Customs connects students to their future careers