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Sports try-outs are nerve-wracking


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HIGH SCHOOL is a perfect place to go out and try for a sports team. If a student is interested in playing sports in college or professionally, then high school is a good place to start. Although it would probably be better for students to start at a younger age, high school still is a good place to start.

Trying out for a sports team is always a nerve-racking experience. Depending on the team that a student may go out for, any sport or club can differ very much. This process can be very intimidating when first looking at it from a different point of view. If someone is very passionate about a sport, then that person should go and try for that sports team or club.

It is important to remember when trying out for a sports team, grades have to be one of an athlete’s main focuses. They are called ‘student athletes’, so academics must come before the athletic part – students first, athletes second. The school will not allow a student to be on a team without at least a 2.0 GPA. Especially considering honors classes, a student has to have a well-planned schedule in order to balance both sports and school.

The more a student keeps up to date with checking grades and stays on task in class, the easier it will be for him or her to be on a sports team. The word “team” is implies that, as a whole, all teammates are working together, and each athlete has an important job, which can greatly affect the team if he or she is not willing to work hard enough.

Another step to being on a sports team is being able to maintain commitment to that team. Being passionate is already one big step and can already be a problem.

“Be motivated and go to as many open gyms as you can,” Kevin Tann (9) said. A team should not have to be affected if an athlete decides that he or she does not actually have time to participate. Make sure that sports fits into your life and that the team or personal things do not mess with each other’s times.

Trying out for a sports team can be rather difficult at times and this may be nerve racking for a student who has not been through the process already. It helps when having older siblings to ask for advice on and what they can do better. Siblings can always help but not just siblings, also people that the athlete look up to who can help give advice.

Once a student finds out if they have made the team or not this is the final step of trying out for a sports team. If a teammate has made the team that does not mean they can completely stop trying. Always maintain a good grade point average and be a good student.

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Sports try-outs are nerve-wracking