Interview With The Vampire


INTERVIEW with the Vampire by Anne Rice is a haunting tale of a vampire who was once an ordinary man.

Beautifully written, the novel tells the tale of young Louis as he journeys through the highs and lows of his decisions through life and death. Anne Rice tells of his heartbreak and loss, as well as his friends and enemies.

He begins his journey as an ordinary man living in New Orleans during the times of the French Colonies, who is tormented by loss and the taste of liquor, when he is attacked by a mysterious vampire named Lestat. While Louis is lying ill and wishing to die in bed, Lestat comes back to make Louis into a fellow vampire. Throughout the novel, he struggles to know the truth of why his kind exists, what his purpose is, and where he should go next.

He explores the questions of God, superiority, and love. The themes in this novel are not adult, however there are a few moments where the author hints heavily at sex and sexuality.

Along the way, Louis becomes acquainted with others like him, but not all have his same opinions, wants, and needs, and he finds himself being tugged from one corner of the world to the next, all the while wondering and questioning what will be next for him.

Some questions are answered clearly, some are vague, and some are never answered. Readers find themselves engrossed in this novel, stolen away by the search for answers and the need for the next adventure.

Anne Rice is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and has published 40 books in her time as a writer. Her intense background with death, religion, and philosophy make the experiences with Louis that much more real and heart-wrenching. Throughout this novel readers, are taught lessons like ‘no one has all the answers’ and ‘the past will always come back to affect you.’

The novel is written in a clear manner, in a way that makes it easy for the reader to understand. However, it also creates a poetic lullaby that lulls readers into a trance and prevents them from closing the covers until the end.

The plot of the story leads readers from twist to twist to twist as the characters begin to make decisions that become continually more brash and hurried. Each decision’s consequences are cataclysmic and bring to light a new question in need of yet another answer.

Students who are interested in philosophy, vampire lore, and/or mystery novels would deeply enjoy this alluring work of literature. Interview with the Vampire is filled with old legends, deep questions, and tricky puzzles that need more pieces.

Reading it is like being in a dream where one foot is in the world, but the other is outside of the world, planted in the unknown. If you enjoyed reading The Lord of the Rings, ‘Salem’s Lot, or The Unicorn Chronicles, then Interview with the Vampire is a book you’ll surely delve into.