Halloween Fun


HALLOWEEN is a holiday that has a lot going on. However, it’s fun times do not last for just one day: it had activities  for the entire month of October. There were haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, Halloween villages, and even Lagoon got in on the spooky action . Some of these activities are great for families and kids of all ages, but others should probably be left to the teens and adults.

The Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah, was one that has a bit of everything for not too big of a price. They have a treasure hunt corn maze for all ages. The hunt is fun, and if you find all the points on the map, you get candy at the end. They also have a haunted corn maze, which was a moderate haunt. They had jump scares throughout the maze, and sometimes the actors would even chase you.

If haunts and mazes don’t fit your fancy, they also have a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch is not only a great photo opportunity, but it’s also a lot of fun to look around for the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

Lagoon’s Frightmares is a great time. You do have to pay more  than other Halloween options, but you do get rides with it as well. They have all sorts of Halloween attractions. They have a trick-or-treat house for little kids. They also have dancing chainsaw men, which honestly isn’t as scary as you would think. They also have their share of haunted houses throughout the park.

Nightwalk was probably my favorite attraction out of Lagoon’s options. It is an average haunted house, but while waiting in line, the actors were scary and funny all at the same time. They also had miniature attractions throughout the park, which were pretty entertaining. If you enjoy photo-ops, then you will love the picture set-ups lagoon has around the park.

Nightmare on 13th was the next step up from Frightmares. It is not only cheaper to get in, but it also is longer than Lagoon’s haunted houses. This is definitely not one you would bring little kids to. When you show up, you are greeted with the characters and scared when you are not paying attention waiting in line.

You will get scared from jump scares, chased by creepy people, and even have to push your way through two inflated air bags. Nightmare does a good job at making your experience fun and worth what you pay.

If you really want a thrill, then Fear Factory is for you. You can have them touch you, go down their zip line, and do their death drop which is bungee jumping. This attraction has a pretty good price similar to Nightmares. However, when it comes to haunted houses, this one takes the cake.

They have so much going on. Even when you are waiting to get into the actual house, they have mini-scares set up. When you get in you go through the abandoned factory, you go upstairs and down slides, through airbags and hopefully make it out alive.

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