Granger students might be getting banned from Fresh Market


Granger Lancers get outrageous during lunch, there are long lines in the cafeteria and the school food isn’t always great. Sometimes Lancers just feel like drinking Mountain Dew. This encourages many Granger students to stroll down to Fresh Market to satisfy their cravings.

While students may love shopping for lunch at Fresh Market, the employees at Fresh Market aren’t always happy to see dozens of Lancers packed in the aisles.

“Fresh Market really doesn’t like it when students come over,” Mr. Timothy, a former Fresh Market employee said. This seems surprising because students spend a lot of money at Fresh Market.

“The previous Fresh Market manager did not like it when students came to Fresh Market because of shoplifting,” Mr. Anderson, an assistant principal, said. That leads to security-conscious behavior at Fresh Market.

Students hate to have to leave their backpacks on the floor by the doors at Fresh Market. For students who wonder why this is the policy, ‘shoplifting’ is the correct answer.

“Students got banned from Fresh Market because they were shoplifting,” Ms. Neibaur said.

It’s a Lancer Pride issue. No student wants to get banned from Fresh Market for shoplifting. It’s not worth it. Fresh Market really does not have to open their doors for students. Let’s respect them for allowing Lancers in.

Earlier on this year, there was a fight that happened a while back at McDonald’s.

“Once there is a fight at Fresh Market, we’ll be banned,” Mr. Anderson said. Students obviously did not get banned from McDonald’s because McDonald’s needs students’ business, but Lancers are not the only people who shop at Fresh Market.

Lunches at Granger come with open campus privileges. “It does not really bother me when kids go to Fresh Market, just use the crosswalks, and come back in time,” Mr. Anderson said.

Lancers please be cautious during lunch if you plan on leaving campus. Also, please respect that Fresh Market is being more than pleasant with Granger students. The best thing Granger students can do is give them the best respect, show them that Granger is more than a school and Lancer is more than a title.