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Spring break was a carefree travel opportunity for these seniors


SPRING BREAK is the final break seniors get before the school year is OFFICIALLY over. The ending of the high school era is starting to become more real. As it is hard for many students to process that these are their last moments in high school, many are trying to make it as memorable as they can.

During spring break, many seniors planned on doing something memorable such as going on trips, hanging out, or having a new adventure.

To begin with, Fernanda Espinosa Velazquez (12) told her story about her trip to San Diego and Los Angeles. “I went for a little more than two weeks, so we were able to explore different places. My favorites were Old Town and San Diego. There were a lot of Hispanic cultural celebrations and shops. We also went to Picolandia, which is a big jaripeo in LA they have during spring break.”

Espinosa Velazquez traveled to California with her best friend Sofia Arostegui (12). Together, they were able to enjoy their final spring break before High School ended. “My best friend and I felt so stress-free. We had a great time,” she said. “We loved making new memories, especially during the beach, watching the sunrise and the surfers.”

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Unlike other years, spring break could be viewed as the last chance for a pause before entering a world full of responsibilities and adulthood. Many seniors view this time as a memorable moment in which they could prepare for their futures.

“We saw it as one last break before game mode since May is one of our busiest months of the year. We’re both in a lot of clubs, going in and out of school, so it was nice having time to plan and prepare before school ends,” Espinosa Velazquez said.

Kacyn George (12) traveled to South Dakota during spring break. “I went and saw Mount Rushmore and the jewel cave 1,000 feet underground,” he said.

“It was memorable because I got to see all of the cool historical things that everyone had talked about,” George said. George explains the mixed emotions he felt on his trip. “I felt happy and sad because I was able to enjoy my senior trip and hang out with my family, but it’s the last trip of me being a kid,” he said.

Just like many other seniors, George expressed a feeling of sadness when mentioning the end of his childhood, and this adds an emphasis on the importance of enjoying spring break fully.

Another great spring breaker is Andrea Lopez (12). She spent her summer break on a trip to Reno and Sacramento. “The first stop was in Reno, and I didn’t do much there, but I did eat some good Mexican-American food. Then, I stayed in San Francisco and went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 (saw some sea lions),” she said.

”I went to the palace of the art garden and ate some amazing Chinese and Salvadoran food (pupusas),” Lopez said.

Lopez also took the opportunity to visit her dream school, UC Davis.

“They took me on a tour, and the school and town were very beautiful!” Lopez was also able to enjoy visiting her family back in Sacramento California, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

“It definitely was memorable because it was the first time we got to explore California. My family and I usually stick to our basic places and don’t explore, but this trip was awesome,” Lopez said. She was able to enjoy her spring break to the fullest, alongside her family. They all had the chance to explore further than she ever had before!

“Honestly, it’s crazy to think that this was my last spring break as a high schooler because the whole reason we took the trip was to visit my dream school. This trip was to help me decide where I wanted to go after high school. It’s kind of sad and exciting to think I might or might not have the time again to travel and explore,” Lopez explained.

She used her last spring break in High School as an opportunity to explore different sides of the world she had never seen before, reconnect with family, and even visit her dream college.

Although the departure from high school may be sad for some seniors, it is important to learn how to adapt and cope with change. It was amazing to see how senior students were making the most of their last break before the end of the school year. Students like Fernanda, Sofia, Kacyn, and Andrea were some of the many others who traveled out of the state for spring break. These senior students created exceptional and memorable memories, and truly enjoyed their spring breaks to the max!


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