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Choirs impress friends and families


GRANGER’S choir performance was amazing; from the director and the pianist, it was all done very beautifully. Everyone was well dressed, and it made me feel very out of place as I am new to choir performances. All the choir members were very formal, and you could see their passion when they sang.

I sat particularly close to the front, and I could see how everyone was hyper focused on the director. Not even one eye budged. They paid very close attention to the director’s commands, which paid off as their voices were in synchronization. I’m not one that is into visual and performing arts, but going to this performance made me reconsider my whole perspective on them.

I don’t feel that Granger’s visual and performing arts are as appreciated as they should be. What I’ve noticed in the crowds is that it’s made up of supporting families and kids that are deep into extra-curricular activities. Many people filled almost the entire bottom row of chairs of the auditorium.

Why not fill up the entire auditorium? Granger really does have an amazing choir; they’re all very passionate about what they do, and they aren’t scared to express that in their performances.

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I would highly recommend all Lancers to attend at least one visual art performance. All members of visual arts put a lot of effort into their performances. Our Theatre Company and choirs are great examples of this. Mr. Broschinsky, the choir director, expresses his passion in every single movement on stage. Even went as far as to kindly ask for somebody to donate a PS5, another one of his traits: crowdwork.

Mr. Broschinsky is a confident director, and he’s a good pianist along with Mrs. Cousins who had an amazing piano performance. Overall, I enjoyed everyone’s performance, and I’ll attend more performances in the future.

Delilah Jean Huber (10) recently transferred from South Dakota and played a major role in the choir’s performance. During our conversation, she taught me that choir members are divided into four parts. These four parts are known as soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

Huber and I agreed that “All the Way Home” by Sarah Quartel is a favorite piece from the evening’s performance.
Huber looks to improve after every performance. “I feel like I did an excellent job, but I felt like I should’ve practiced a little more on my notes before the performance,” she said.

Another one of my favorites from the program was “Jenny Kiss’d Me” by Ruth Morris Gray. When I first heard it, it was the most outstanding and crystal-clear performance. It was just so outlandish for the last song. But it was by far my favorite in that category. The whole premise of the song is the story of a man begging Jenny to please kiss him; it was just a fun goofy song.

Overall, I really enjoyed the choir experience, and it made me consider joining choir next year.

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