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A Senior’s Advice for Higher Education

Things I wish I knew sooner about applying for colleges

AS STUDENTS, we are told from a young age that we are supposed to apply to college and get scholarships. But, we are rarely given the tools or guidance for all our options, and the expectations are set for us. I’m here to offer some real advice and provide actual websites for you to visit.

Currently, I’ve been accepted into three schools. University of Massachusetts Boston, Seton Hall University, and the University of Utah. Two of which with scholarships upwards of $60,000.  I’m currently waiting on decisions from Boston College and New York University.

Now, the information that helped me get into these colleges rarely came from school. It’s been my own research and advice from loved ones. So, here are three pieces of advice to help you get into college.

First, junior year. Junior year is one of the most important years in high school. Since you apply to college in the early months of senior year, it’s best to prepare the year before. So, my first piece of advice is to download Common App app. This app helps you apply to multiple colleges faster. You input all your information and essays so that you don’t have to start anew for each application.

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Now, when I mentioned essays, your heart probably sunk a little. I never liked writing essays, but they don’t have to be complicated! I started writing my main essay during summer break. It doesn’t have to be long. Your essay can cover a variety of topics but choose one that you’re passionate about. Then, once you finish your essay, submit the file to the website. This website has actual tutors to proofread and fix your work.

Picking a college is a hard decision. But your options don’t have to be limited. So, my second piece of advice is to college search. A simple Google search for “Colleges best for ___ degree,” can help you find the right school. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, but having a general area in mind will help a lot.

Also, you don’t have to be intimidated by out-of-state colleges. All the college presentations, assemblies, and meetings I’ve had at Granger have only been advice for attending in-state, but there are so many more options and ways to be successful outside of Utah, too. My goal was to get out of state, so I applied to some safety schools in-state, but the majority were outside of Utah. Do what feels right for you.

My last piece of advice is about scholarships. Now, I’ve used scholarship tools such as the and websites. I personally haven’t had any success with these websites, but it doesn’t hurt to apply.

The majority of scholarships you will get are from the schools you apply to. Having a good GPA and test scores are really helpful. If your scores aren’t looking too hot, don’t worry! You can always do make-up packets, email past teachers, work on your current classes, and even retake the ACT.

Also, joining a club is a big help. I have been in debate for three years, and I got a scholarship for being in it! Now, although debate is an amazing option (and I highly recommend anyone to join), Granger offers so many clubs and leadership opportunities. I’ve worked a job sophomore through senior year and have been able to manage both things, so find a club that interests you.

I hope this advice really helps you find your way into college if that’s your path. But since everyone is doing different majors, schools, jobs, and education, the best advice I can give to anyone is to choose your own path. Even if you think money or family will hold you back, your destiny is truly in your hands. Push yourself to do amazing things, and amazing things will happen.

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