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Trendiest of Trends


FASHION is one of the most powerful arts present in society today. When looking at fashion icons of the world, many people like to imagine themselves walking the streets with the same outfits. That’s what fashion is: dreaming and making others dream.

Oftentimes, people will judge someone based on what they’re wearing, but it is important to keep in mind that people dress based on their personal preferences, and when someone judges their clothes, it is similar to judging aspects of their personalities. Clothes do have personality and voice, and they speak loudly.

“One thing I want my style to say on my behalf is that I’m cool and I’m unique. Fashion is a very big thing for me. I can express how I’m feeling. A fashion trend that is kinda over to me is the big, oversized pants that people wear,” Jaun Gulido (12) said.                                                                                         

Rachel Zoe, who is a well-known American fashion designer, has strong opinions about fashion. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” she said. The way someone dresses says a lot about who they are and allows them to stand out from everyone else in the crowd.

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“Fashion trends that I think are gonna be trending this year are those chunky boots. My favorite style must be freestyle, no style. My favorite era/decade of fashion is the 2000’s (classic Y2K). My least favorite thing about fashion is how everyone is so judgmental. The way I express and describe myself with fashion is with bright colors. A trend that’s over but people are still doing is those skintight skinny jeans,” Kai Yun (11) said.

Fashion trends happen all the time every year. The women’s fashion industry expects the color burgundy to be a hot topic for clothes this year. Another trend that is happening right now is the coquette style, which includes bows, skirts, and lace clothing. It’s a flirtatious, and feminine style; coquette is a lovable trend. Even just the lace adds a little bit of spice to an outfit.

The final trend that is gonna happen this year is old-money fashion. Old money is a classic and timeless look. It is elegant, grace, and traditional which combine to an indefinable charm. When it comes to fashion, the old money style can come across as being very subtle but enchanting. This style is especially convenient because it does not require as much money as it may seem like it does—many items can be purchased from thrift stores and estate sales. Old money is also economically friendly, as it requires timeless pieces, so someone would only have to spend the money once.

In terms of men’s fashion, right now, the industry is seeing the return of minimalism from the nineties. Baggy jeans had become one of the most iconic pieces of clothing of the decade for men, and now it is all coming back. It gives men a nice street vibe and is very comfortable. If someone knows how to style it—and not just throw on a polo hoodie and call it a day–-this style can make a strong impact.

One final trend that is coming around is the eclectic grandpa style. This style is heavily inspired by Timothee Chalamet and Kayne West. This trend is a mixture of an enjoyable vintage, to elements of quirky retro; it puts a fun, and expressive twist on streetwear.

There is nothing wrong with either following trends or wearing original styles. The best part about fashion is that it comes down to personal preference.

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