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Incoming Lancers


ON JANUARY 10 and 11, middle schools such as West Lake, Granite Park, and Valley visited Granger High School for a tour around the school. They explored the booths and came to a great understanding of what to expect as incoming freshmen. The 8th graders were very interested in what was set up, and they were eager to come to Granger High School next year.

Most of the 8th graders are excited to be done with middle school. “Honestly I’m just so done with immature little kids at my school,” Xiomara Escobar (8) said. They are ready for better opportunities and new experiences.

Although many students are excited, many students are still nervous. “I wouldn’t say that I’m completely ready to start, but I would say that I’m excited for starting a new school year at a new school and a bigger school with more opportunities,” Brian Arellano (8) said.

A lot of the 8th graders are also very interested in the clubs, sports, and programs. Incoming Lancers are excited to get to experience the Friday night football games and the dances that Granger High holds. “For extracurricular activities, I’m looking forward to basketball, joining BSU, and possibly running for freshman president.” Braslau Simo (8) said.

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Braslau Simo (8) and Manal Ahmed (8) are planning on running for the freshman class office. “I would want to run for vice president because I would like to make my freshman year more interesting. I think my motivation is just having friends and siblings that have run for president in the past, and just seeing all the fun things that they do for the school,” Ahmed said.

“I think they should because it’s nice to have a lot of hands-on decks, but sometimes for the freshman officers this year, it was kinda hard for us to get adjusted and to know what to do,” Kellie Cotino (9), freshman class president, said. Coming in as a freshman means new opportunities, so all Lancers should take this chance to explore new things. “Vote for me sophomore president!!” Cotino said.

They are thinking about all the opportunities they can get doing sports, programs, and clubs. “A thing that I’m currently looking forward to when I come to Granger is trying out for the girl’s soccer team. I’m still not sure what classes I’m interested in yet, but I’ll join the soccer team. There are so many more new opportunities in high school.” Sandy Landa (8) said.

We all know going to a new school can be nerve-racking, especially when it’s going to a much bigger school with more people. Although the 8th graders seem pretty excited to be coming to Granger High School, they are also very curious about the expectations and how their year will turn out.

Starting with freshman year, it’s quite easy to go down the wrong path or make mistakes, so some of the students with previous experience can share some advice on what to do to keep up a good pace.

“Don’t skip. Your GPA and CPA will go down, and you’ll regret it for the next years,” Kimberly Morales (10) said.

“Try out for things. It’ll help you keep your grades up and get you college offers,” To add one more, Savannah Wright (10) said.

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