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New Tasty Spot in Town!


LANCERS are very excited about the brand-new Chipotle that has just opened on 2640 S 5600 W. This is extremely exciting due to the closest Chipotle locations previously being in Murray and West Jordan, and having to drive out there isn’t exactly the most pleasing experience for Lancers.

This new location is close to two schools, especially Hunter and Granger.

“It saves me money on gas because I don’t have to travel that far to reach the nearest Chipotle,” Demetria Harpe (12) said.

There is a sort of mixed opinion on this though as others would beg to say, “It changes the distance, but also the quality of the food isn’t as great as they just aren’t as good as other Chipotle locations yet,” Avante Lee (11) said.

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Others just feel unbothered by the new location saying, “I don’t really care about the new location, I live by the new one, and Cafe Rio is also there, and it is just that much better,” Ethan Gukeisen-Hope (12) said.

Lancers have very positive opinions on Chipotle, “I genuinely love Chipotle. It’s filling so I don’t have to worry about being hungry for a while,” Harpe said.

While others kind of just see it as whatever, “Chipotle isn’t bad, but it isn’t my go-to spot for some eats,” Gukeisen-Hope said.

The Lancers seem to be visiting Chipotle occasionally. “I’ll head over and have Chipotle maybe once or twice a month,” Lee said.

Chipotle is a place that most definitely has a rival around town and a rival that is more accessible and closer to Lancers: Cafe Rio. There were all sorts of different opinions on this topic. “Chipotle is better,” Harpe said.

“Cafe Rio is for sure a lot better than Chipotle,” Gukeisen-Hope said.

Chipotle offers all sorts of different things to pick from when dining in there. Guests can choose from either creating a bowl with all sorts of different things, or a burrito, but it’s a do-it-yourself type of thing. Lancers have mixed varieties of ways they get their entrees built. “I get a bowl with white rice, black beans, steak, mild salsa, queso, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. I just recently switched it up and started getting carne asada instead which is also pretty tasty,” Harpe said.

Most Lancers would agree that Chipotle is normally a lot of food to finish in one serving regardless of a bowl or burrito purchase. “Nah, I normally finish all my food in one sitting. You literally make the burrito or bowl yourself, so if you overdo it, you’re just asking for too much,” Lee said.

Most Lancers will be visiting this new location as soon as they are given the opportunity and free time to unless they simply do not care enough to visit.

“No idea, probably no time soon, maybe when I get a gift card,” Gukeisen-Hope said.

“I probably will go visit the new location again sometime on the weekend,” Harpe said.

Lancers who aren’t at Chipotle sometime soon will be missing out!

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