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Lancer Spotlight Shines Randomly

Raiden Dwight Sterling Scholar receive Lancer Spotlight

IT IS A great honor to be recognized for hard work and dedication of staying on top of work. One way teachers and faculty show this recognition is by submitting names for Granger’s Lancer spotlight. With December’s new batch of Lancers, it’s fun to take an in-depth look at Granger’s High School top, hard-working students.

Lancer spotlight is a system where teachers grant recognition through means of recommendation of students they’ve seen work hard in their classes. The students granted this recognition receive awards and a certificate while also getting their name and photo placed on a board filled with other students who’ve earned a moment in the Lancer Spotlight.

Raiden Dwight (12) a Sterling Scholar who has been recognized for his passion and dedication to Performing Arts. He’s been recognized by his theatre director, Ms. Timpson, who nominated him for the Lancer Spotlight. “I feel honored and very much appreciated for my work and everything has been great,” Dwight said. “My parents are happy and proud of me,” he said.

Dwight plans on going to college to pursue a degree in business marketing or film. This Lancer Spotlight certificate will look great on Dwight’s resume.

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For students wondering to receive a Lancer Spotlight award, they should know that students who received Lancer Spotlights have been recognized for their hard work and leadership. Although there is no specific criteria, teachers decide on a student who has gone above and beyond what’s expected. “There’s a lot that I’ve done. but I think the biggest thing I’ve been recognized for is my leadership,” Dwight said.

Liam White (10) earned a Lancer Spotlight, but he didn’t know it. “Honestly I didn’t even know about being on the Lancer Spotlight board,” Liam said.

Although some Lancers don’t realize that they’ve made it into Lancer Spotlight. He wasn’t congratulated or even told he was on Lancer Spotlight. Could this have been a mix up.

Students can be surprised to find themselves on the Lancer Spotlight board. “To be completely honest, I don’t know why I was picked. I didn’t receive any sort of message, and neither did my parents,” he said.

With these two different experiences of Lancer Spotlight, there’s room to wonder if Lancer Spotlight is all that special. With no criteria teachers, simply choose whoever they believe has done the most in their classes. It doesn’t seem to have any criteria for being chosen. With no requirements, students just seem to have their photo suddenly plastered on a wall, and then they receive certificates.

When it comes to faculty, the Lancer Spotlight is a monthly rotation where a specific department like art or history takes turns picking students for Lancer Spotlight. It’s a system that was implemented at Granger High School within the last six years. “Something similar has been around for a while. Until recently, Ms. Jindeel had been running it, and she just handed it over to Ms. Howarth, who is how in charge, so it feels more active compared to other times,” Mr. Burton said.

Although Lancer Spotlight’s award criteria varies from teacher to teacher, it’s still a great honor to receive Lancer Spotlight.


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