an open forum for student expression

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an open forum for student expression

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an open forum for student expression

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Drama Club Brings All Kinds of Students to One Big Stage

WELCOME to the Granger Theatre Department, where everyone is greeted with open arms. The history of Drama Club helping people and sharing beautiful art goes way back. This club includes many diverse Lancers. Some are returning seniors, incoming freshmen, a former Granger football running back, and even a seven-sport athlete finding love for this theatrical art form. No matter where they came from or where they are going, this department creates a safe environment for anyone to thrive in and express themselves.

The theatre is a creative outlet, an escape from reality, a safe place, and even a family for some. So much hard work, dedication, and feelings go into this program. Resulting in pure bliss and creativity that spreads joy to the performers and audience as well.

Granger’s Drama Club is a lot more than just acting and performing on stage. There are so many options for everyone no matter what students are interested in. Whether Lancers like the tech aspect, the directing route, or making friends, there’s a place for them.

Seniors play a critical part in running the club. Raiden Dwight (12) has been in the club all four years. “I would like acting to be my profession in the future. I’m looking forward to inspiring as many people as possible before graduation,” Dwight said.

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Dwight has been heavily involved in Drama Club since his freshman year. “Freshman year was a doorway to new ideas and concepts,” he said. Getting introduced to theatre can be scary and create vulnerability, but it is all worth it in the end. “In sophomore year, I focused on honing my understanding and learning new branches of creativity,” he said. There is a lot to learn and so much room to grow. “Junior year was full of trial and error. although my fondest memories of socials and parties outdo my underclassmen years,” Dwight said.

In theatre, like many things in life, success takes time. “Senior year for me is about not only having an open mind to newly developed knowledge but also sharing it with other students and friends,” he said. Dwight is a shining example of a dedicated, loyal, and hardworking student of theatre. It is no surprise he was awarded the Theatre Arts Sterling Scholar award this year.

In contrast to a familiar face, Brandon Barba (9), a fresh new face, entered Granger’s program this year and already loves it. “I wanted to join because I think theatre is so much fun, and I love drama. I didn’t want to miss out on a cool opportunity,” Barba said.

Going from junior high to high school is quite a jarring experience all around, especially in theatre. “I think this department is different from others because there are amazing people, things, and traditions we do that other departments can’t. None of the other Schools Theatre programs or clubs are as social and close as we are,” Barba said. He takes pride in the department and is glad he joined.

With a switch running back to drama club vice president, Braxton Moore (12) brings sports to his theatre transition well. “Going from football to theatre changed my outlook on life for sure. Freshman year I wanted to go into sports broadcasting, but I got back to my roots and to the thing I’m strongest in. I haven’t looked back since,” he said. “During all my highs and lows, my theatre family was there for me. I wouldn’t have my family without this club,” he said.

Moore has found a family within the department and is proud of his decision to come back to the theatre. “My advice for someone who is even slightly interested in theatre is to just go for it. You never know what’s in store for you,” he said. Moore still has love for both programs but, “theatre takes the cake,” he said.

It is never too late to join. Ben Layton (12) joined his junior year and fell for theatre after being busy with sports his whole life. “My first impression was that they were all crazy. After getting to know everyone, and especially Jana Timpson, I was sold. You don’t have to do anything for her to love you unconditionally. I felt at home immediately,” he said.

Ms. Timpson is a true leader for this club and an inspiration to everyone involved. The transition from spending most of his time at the gym or at team practices to play rehearsals was hard, but eye-opening. It goes to show theatre puts in just as much work as any sport, if not more. Layton, being an athlete and a theatre kid, is a great example of a Jack-of-All-Trades, and he encourages more to take his path.


Ms. Timpson is the Theatre teacher at Granger High School. She directs all the shows and teaches all the classes with pride. Welcoming everyone in with a smile on her face and love in her heart. “If you are an incoming freshman and want to join Theatre Company check ‘’ or ‘Lancerdrama’ on Instagram for all the updates,” Ms. Timpson said.

Timpson truly has a drive for this art form, department, and everyone in it. “There are lots of reasons why I’m here, the first is I truly love the art form, I love theatre passionately. I think it is a place where human beings can discover and find radical empathy for each other, and I think that it’s very important. Secondly, I love assisting students in finding their voices and their people. I’m passionate about art but more importantly about my students,” she said.

Timpson is extremely hardworking; she puts in so much effort and personal time into this program. That just goes to show how much she cares and how much she loves her students and the art form.

“I tend to say ‘you are loved’ a lot and I mean it! I think that’s one of my student’s biggest takeaways. Feeling loved makes you able to be yourself and express yourself in the safe space we work so hard to protect,” she said.

If Ms.Timpson could describe drama club in three words they would be: community, accepting, and engaging. Not a lot of people know too much about how Granger’s drama program works. “We are not always doing drama in drama club, we do other things like scavenger hunts or playing different games,” Timpson said.

Drama club has a social open to everyone once a month, as well as a drama club meeting. “ The stories that we tell impact our lives,” she said. “For some it’s sports, for some, it’s student government. All of those things are so good, but for some, it’s storytelling,” she said.

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