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SnowBall Glitters and Shines

Lancers enjoying their first ever Winter Formal

FOR THE first time ever, Granger hosted a winter formal in place of Sadie’s and Sweethearts. The Snow Ball is a formal dance, so it’s usually fancier than other dances would be. Sadie’s and Sweethearts are both more romantic dances, with Sadie’s being a girls choice dance and Sweethearts being a Valentines dance.

At the dance, there was only a crowd of about 70 people. But most people still had a lot of fun. “It wasn’t the biggest dance we have had at Granger, but it still was a lot of fun, the crowd was hyped up the whole time,” Hayden Twitchell (12) said.

Others disagree, saying that the small crowd made it less fun. “I used to go to high school dances with my older siblings before I got into high school. There were a lot more people at the dances. I think part of the reason there were more people then is because there were no CPA requirements,” Jamie Villalobos (12) said.

Both Twitchell and Villalobos agree that CPA requirements reduced attendance at the Snow Ball, Homecoming, and Dia de los Muertos dances.

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“Not all people dance at school dances, but you can still make it fun if you go with the right people and enjoy yourself, dance, and have a good time,” Villalobos said.

At the Snow Ball, Villalobos really liked the photo booth and the refreshments, but she really disliked the music. Villalobos and others agreed that there wasn’t a great variety of songs; there was only one slow dance, and the rest were either mosh songs or ones that have set dances to them like “Macarena” or “Cha Cha Slide.” “There were only one or two songs that I actually liked and felt like I could dance to,” Villalobos said.

Twitchell on the other hand liked the music, theme, and the overall dance. He did wish there had been a bigger turnout. “It would’ve been better if more people came. But it’s the holiday season and people are busy, so I understand why some couldn’t make it,” he said. Twitchell, who helped plan the dance, really liked the decorations and thought the dance was well planned out.

Villalobos was also disappointed with the theme and decorations. “I think the theme was a cute idea, but I don’t think it was well executed,” she said. There were only a few decorations and a few cute photo ops. “I expected to see a Mirrorball there, but I didn’t see one and it was very disappointing,” she said.

Twitchell and Villalobos would have preferred to have both casual dances rather than just one winter formal. “I would like to have both Sadie’s and Sweethearts because it gives more variety of dances that are not just formals.” Twitchell said. Especially with Prom and Senior ball coming up, two other formal dances, many Lancers agree with him.

Whether Lancers were dancing the whole time or getting cute pictures, they enjoyed their first ever winter formal, and they are looking forward to other dances this year.

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