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OG Fortnite Map Delights Long-Time Fans

“Live, Laugh, Love Fortnite”

“ANOTHER DAY, another victory royale for the OG.”

Do you remember playing Fortnite on the OG map in 2018? Did you have your own OG squad? Gamers were able to bring back their original squad, but many new squads were formed as well. Epic Games announced that the OG Fortnite map was coming back on November 3!

Fortnite was becoming irrelevant over time, but after the Epic Games announcement, gamers started hopping on Fortnite again.

A lot of gamers, especially the ones who played back in 2018 were thrilled and excited they were going to have another chance to play on the map they first started.

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Before the release, people became impatient and started playing Fortnite even before the map came out.

The night before the old map was released, gamers on social media and streamers had all-nighters on their live streams. They were counting down until the old map dropped.

Gamers wanted to practice their aim, building, and many other skills.

Most popular gamers such as Ninja, TimTheTatman, Ali-A, and many others had fun playing for fans. This was a full-circle moment, seeing as many of their fans subscribed to their channel during the beginning map.

Although people have loved being back on the OG map, many have been displeased by changes that were made by Epic Games. Some changes made were age restricting skins, weapons, emotes, and songs. There were skins that were age restricted because they were “inappropriate” such as: Agent Peely, Cloud Striker, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, and many more.

Apparently, some songs were not appropriate as well, so Epic Games changed songs to what some say sound like “Kidz Bop.” Some emotes that were restricted as well were Get Griddy, Stuck, The Dance Laroi and many more. Many want their refunds because they paid for the original skins, weapons, emotes, and songs that are now age restricted.

Although Epic Games did make many changes that bothered and annoyed people, there were some good changes in the new season.

On December 2, Epic Games had the new update with the new season. There were custom camera options, the quality of the animations was a lot better than they were before, and the speed of the characters could be increased.

The new season excited many, although they were going to switch the original map with another map. Some people didn’t know how to feel about it and others were open minded on playing the game.

The new update came with different modes such as: Rocket Racing, LEGO Fortnite, and Fortnite Festival.

Many people thought Fortnite was going to go the wrong direction with the new update, but people enjoyed it.

The two most popular modes were LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival.

In LEGO Fortnite characters would become Legos which a lot of people liked. The animations seemed different and fun to play with and the mode was like another Minecraft where they could build.

The next mode that people waited for was the Fortnite Festival. In the Fortnite Festival multiple artists performed on the game such as: Billie Eilish, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and many more. The festival seemed to excite people and made them feel like they were actually there.

Will the Fortnite hype last? We can hope to expect the next update to be worth the hype.

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