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Inflation makes lunch bills hit harder at restaurants and stores


Many Lancers spend lots of money every day on lunch. Lancers have complained about the excessive amount of money they blow on lunch, and inflation seems to play a role in this.

“Although I eat well every day, I’m broke because I’ve never spent this much money on food ever in my life. I want to start saving money, but I love the food too much,” Marcus Versluis (10) said.

Versluis thinks stores such as gas stations, Macey’s, and McDonald’s are expensive. Since Granger students go to these stores every day, they feel every increase in price.

Versluis says the most expensive store around the school is FruityLandia.

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The ice cream is $6 per scoop, and in his opinion, it isn’t worth it because it tastes bad.

Marcus goes to eat at the Teriyaki Chicken place every day and says it’s worth it, since it costs $10.50 for a huge plate of food. Versluis says it’s the best food around.

Ethan Ostler (11) has a different perspective on how you can effectively eat well and save money. He usually eats food from home, but if he doesn’t, he goes to Little Caesars or Macey’s.

“I’d rather eat some of my mom’s cooking and save money than go out and eat every day. Eating out or going out every day adds up,” Oslter said.

Ostler says Little Caesars can feed a lot of people due to the large size of a pizza. He also says that it isn’t worth it to go out and eat food every day because it’s a waste of money.

Saul Pacheco (10) agrees with Versluis and has a few methods of saving money like Ostler. Pacheco thinks Macey’s isn’t specifically expensive. Instead, stores in general are going up in price due to inflation. “Pizza boxes used to be $5, now it’s $8.

Pacheco usually eats out somewhere like McDonald’s, Macey’s, or Subway.

Pacheco prefers those restaurants instead of the other ones because, in Pacheco’s opinion, it’s the best food around.

“The food is good, but for the price of it, the quality doesn’t match the price. Plus including all the money spent every day, $12 every day adds up to $60 a week or $2,160 a year. If you want to save money, either bring food from home or don’t eat at all,” Pacheco said.

  Students have differing opinions on stores’ prices. Students can agree on the fact that it is an expense to eat out every day.

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