Halls feel different this year


Mareai Meh, Reporter

By Mareai Meh

STUDENTS and teachers have many different opinions on the tardy notes. Some believe that it’s a good idea for students and teachers. Asma Abdi (11) believes it’s a good idea. “Last year people would get sent to OCR, and OCR wasn’t fun at all. The administrators giving out little tickets is much better than staying in that room,” she said. 

OCR was a room where all the students went when they were tardy, and when students were in OCR they had their phones taken away and couldn’t do anything at all until the period ended.

While some think that it’s a good idea, others do not. “It’s not that great, because you might be having a moment for yourself, so it can be really hard, especially if you’re trying to use the bathrooms,” Malia Johansson (9) said. During the school day, there are administrators who stand out in the hallways or in front of the bathrooms during passing periods. Their job is to get all students to class and stop them from skipping classes in bathrooms. 

Abdi says that the bathroom is more personal, and students should have a little more privacy in the bathrooms. “For an admin to walk in on the students just doesn’t click for me as well,” Abdi said. If she were a teacher, it could be a good idea to do it, but for her, as a student, it’s uncomfortable. 

During passing periods there is a 10-minute restriction on hall passes before and after class. Kevin Nava (11), doesn’t think it should be necessary. “Since you could be rushing to class at the last minute to go and then they don’t let you go to the bathroom for another 10 minutes,” Nava said. Granger is a big school with lots of students, so it can be difficult to use the bathroom with so many students in line at the same time. 

Students are also getting kicked out at the end of school at 2:30 p.m. A lot of students don’t like how the administrators are doing that. “They should let Students stay for a little longer because some people can have problems at home, and also for the students that need to get missing work done,” Johansson said.

Other students like Jante Olveda (10) and Lizette Lopez (10) both agreed. “Students may have other things to do after school or they could be waiting for their parents to come since they may be working long hours,” Olveda said.

Even though hallway administrators are a good way to help students get to class, Dorian Alvarez (10) has been stopped by the administrators many times and prevented from using the bathroom. “I don’t like it because I’m just trying to use the bathroom,” he said.  

 “I wish we didn’t have to monitor bathrooms. If everyone were where they’re supposed to be, then we wouldn’t have to do it, but some people hide out in bathrooms,” Ms. Oliver, a counselor, said. All these hallway issues can be very frustrating for students, but it’s important for students to get to class where they need to be.