Doribell starring as the Homecoming Princess


Haidee Smith

Doribell Buenrostro as Granger High’s 2023 Homecoming Princess

Noemi Valadez, Reporter

Doribell Buenrostro (11th) was the homecoming princess this year. She was elected by the soccer team. When she found out at the homecoming assembly the opposing team celebrated with her, along with her supportive team. She felt very excited and nervous, it was a lot of pressure to accept but everyone was nice to her about it. The other nominees were very supportive towards her as well. They were all happy for her. She felt confident at the game, she wanted to live in the moment and take in this opportunity as much as possible. She was happy everyone cheered for them and were enjoying it as much as her. She felt like royalty that night. At the dance she was given her crown and sash which made her feel more special that night. She hopes to be Queen as well if she gets another opportunity like this one.