Garret Cousins as Homecoming King


Haidee Smith

Garret Cousins celebrating winning homecoming king

Kenya De La Cruz, Reporter

“It all feels like a movie to me,” football player and homecoming king, Garret Cousins(12) said.  He’s a 4.0 student who got a 32 on the ACT, which is any highschool student’s dream. All the hard work and dedication has paid off. Garret says if he were to change anything in high school, it would be to take his freshman year more seriously because it was one the easiest years. Garret also played right after his royalty crowning that Friday night. On that same night, his team won by 52-10, making the school proud. He has played many sports in his lifetime: baseball, basketball, and of course, football. He’s an overall great student and son to his father Mr. Cousins, a teacher here at Granger High School. Granger congratulates him on his hard work and is excited for what he has to offer the rest of the school year!