Baseball aims for region as the season starts


Zachary likes to teach younger players about baseball.

Whitnie Larsen, Reporter

LAST YEAR, baseball placed 26 out of 26 in the 6A Division. This year, they aim to top the list and be region one. The baseball team has been having open gyms every week to prepare for tryouts on February 28th. The team is under classmen-heavy, but they believe that this year they will be a harder team to beat.

Ryker Oliver (12) has been on the team for four years. He was a captain in 2021-2022 alongside Zachary Astorga (12). “I don’t have any worries except that they’re young and inexperienced.” He plans to be vocal and work with the young kids to make it a great season. “I’m going to do the best of my ability and just do what I can,” Oliver said.

Oliver feels that the younger kids will carry on the legacy of the 2022 seniors once they graduate. “It’s part of the process of growing up with the team when older people leave; you just get kind of used to it without them and learn to step up,” he said. Oliver is excited for his senior year, yet at the same time feels sad, since it is his last year.

He set the goal for the team to become region one. “Personally, I am going to stick to myself and stay out of my head: play how I play,” Astorga said. He is worried about the young team, but he wants them all to keep working hard. “We are young, but the talent we have wants to win,” he said.

“I’m going to put in the work and build up the team’s chemistry this year,” Anthony Dean (11) said. He has been on the team for three years. “We are going to bond this year and build team chemistry, so we are all closer,” he said. He has no worries for the 2021-2022 season and believes that the team can win the region.

“I want to have better team chemistry and be closer with the team,” Anakin Owens (11) said. Owens has been on the team for three years and plays in the infield. Owens plans to teach the young kids about the sport and help his coach with what he needs. “I’m most excited to play against Roy since they are new in our region,” he said.

Coach Felion was an assistant coach for the baseball team for five years; this is his second year as the head coach. “I would love to see our boys win the Battle of the Lancers this year at home against Layton to set the tone for the season,” he said. Over half of the team is sophomore or younger. Felion says he is excited to watch the team develop as the year goes on.

“Our region is scrappy. It is anybody’s ballgame on any given day,” Felion said. He said that he wants to earn a playoff spot this year. “There is only one time in your life to play high school sports—go play and enjoy it while you can!”