Valentine’s Day is all about expectations


Samantha Beauchaine

Mia Joahsson shared her opinion about Valentine’s Day.

Samantha Beauchaine, Reporter

AS A SOCIETY, Valentine’s Day hasn’t been exposed to much change over the years. Buying and giving gifts seems to be the number one thing that everyone expect. Chocolates, roses, and teddy bears are what are most popular these days. Lancers wonder if that’s good enough or how much is really expected on Valentine’s Day.

Dante Parra (12) said, “The more money you spend, the more you care about that person.” This may be the norm set up for the holiday, but not everyone has a ton of extra money to spend for others. Parra also said that though this may be what some believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, Lancers can take the day to spend time with who they love. Buy simple things or even nothing at all, just spend time with them. Go to a movie, out to eat, or chill at home and watch Netflix.

For some people gifts could be easier. With a life to lead, school, and possibly a job it’s hard to come up with free time. Jaqueline Hernandez Garcia (12) says she has been working for the last two Valentine’s Days making it hard for her to spend some time with her partner.

Valentine’s Day is widely popular for couples specifically. When trying to find a valentine or telling that special someone, it can be difficult. Morgo Chea (9) says. “It’s kinda like prom, where you wish someone would ask you out, and it’s hyped up, but when it comes, it’s not as it seems,” she said.

“Even if you have no one else to spend it with, you have yourself and you can take care of yourself,” Mia Johansson (12) said.