COVID rules keep changing


Pilar Olvera

Rose De Lacy

Pilar Olvera, Reporter

COVID rules are constantly and dramatically changing. The whole world seems to change in a second these days. Lives are often permanently altered. As COVID cases decrease, students now have the option not to wear a mask. The president encourages everyone to get vaccinated according to the website. But many of us still wonder: What is going to happen tomorrow? What will happen in five years? Will COVID be a part of history now?

COVID has changed everyone’s lives to the extent where humans don’t seem to be surprised by much anymore. Recently, people seem to not be following COVID guidelines, wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and staying home if they are sick. Although COVID has changed the world’s perspective of living a good life, there are certain rules to still be followed and many feel it is important not to break them.

“I personally think that since COVID has become a super big impact on our lives, it will probably never go away,” Rose De Lacy (11) said. People are starting to believe that COVID is like clouds; it is always there even when they aren’t visible to see. COVID cases are still being reported every day.

Thousands of COVID cases are still reported by the media every day. “It’s a scary thing to think about, you never expect what comes after agreeing to break down some of these rules, if people don’t want to follow rules, it’s their fault but I can encourage them to,” Norally Perez (11) said. Encouraging students to follow rules is something administration struggles with, especially rules that involve COVID since we are such a big school.

COVID impacts all our lives in many ways. COVID crushes the hearts of people who can’t hug or see a person’s loved ones. “Quarantine made me bored all the time, I couldn’t hang out with my friends or even see my girlfriend, it was just awful” Cameron Hernandez (12) said. Relationships during the time where COVID guidelines were super strict made relationships drift and made it difficult to spend quality time with the person. This created a sense that they were missing out.

Lancers really miss seeing their loved ones. “When I got to see my girlfriend, I never felt more connected with her than ever before and it was so special,” Hernandez said. The virus has made it difficult for us all to fully love and cherish the ones around us.

What all humans can do right now is wait and believe in the good. The good in this world can return by bringing families together and enjoying every moment of everyday life with no worries. Right now, it is important to take the time to enjoy the little things and keep our heads up in hopes that normal life may resume soon.