Summer is great for hobbies


Angie Ramirez

Shareth’s summer hobbies include drawing on pants and making jewelry.

Angie Ramirez, Social Media Editor

DURING lockdown and over the summer, students had the chance to try new things. Some people learned new skills; some of which could be just a hobby, while others can be made into a career. Some may choose to become a hair tech, nail tech, or maybe even a photographer. Hair and nail techs can take classes and learn how to become a professional.

“One new hobby I started over the summer is that I went to Mexico and enrolled into nail classes. After a month and a half, I finished the first course and I was able to go to the more advanced class and finish it after a month. I also took some swimming classes for about two months but soon got tired of it,” Amisadai Escobedo (9) said.

Another possible hobby would be trying photography. Students can take pictures with a phone to find out if it’s something they enjoy. If it is, then they can opt to get a professional camera. New hobbies could also include gaming. New games that came out in 2020 were Resident Evil 3, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon. These examples show that hobbies can take many different forms.

Some sports that have been tried by students over the summer are basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and more. “Last summer I tried volleyball and made it to the lady lancers. I also tried gaming. I would like to try for the cheer team and maybe be captain,” Daniella Duran (9) said. Trying out for sports can be a great way to spend your free time.

Another hobby that you can do is arts and crafts. One example of this could be improving and upcycling clothes or making your own clothes. “Some new hobbies I’ve done over the summer would be drawing on pants and making jewelry,” Shareth Perez (9) said. Creating things from scratch is a great way to spend your time as well.

With COVID making it so many were at home for so long, it made people want to try new things with all the extra time. Lancer students were particularly interested in beauty classes, photography, gaming, sports, and arts. Any of these extra-curricular activities can be turned into future careers. Many feel that it is important to have something you enjoy doing in your free time.