Hallways are more crowded than ever


Natalie Pereira

Kati Mackony

Natalie Pereira , Reporter

OVERPOPULATION at Granger affects everyone in our school. According to a public school review titled “Largest Utah Public Schools,” Granger is the largest high school in the entire state. However, the more students there are, the harder it will be to learn, get to classes on time, and maintain social distancing during a pandemic.
Individual schools deal with overpopulation differently. “How schools deal with this problem affects student learning since overpopulation can hinder learning, reducing the quality of instructional planning and lowering morale among students and teachers,” according to an article called “Overpopulation In Schools Affecting Test Scores.” This can be very true, especially this year now that more and more students are attending the school.
Students think that there are challenges because of the hall population.“It’s hard enough getting to my classes in the first place. I have some classes out in the relos, so going back and forth drives me crazy,” Kati Mackony (9) said. Mackony also said that if the school would make one-way hallways, or at least open up the courtyard, it would be a lot easier to get to classes, and there could be more control and discipline.
Not only does overpopulation affect the students at Granger High, but it also affects the teachers and administration. “The challenge is, of course, making sure every student has the seat and resources they deserve. That’s hard when you have too many people,” Mr. Sandrock said. Mr. Sandrock enjoys teaching and being able to work with his students, but he expressed that the number of students in his class is new to him.
“The students are here more than I’ve ever seen before. They want this. I just wish they would not hold back their questions. The school appreciates the effort and dedication that the teachers give. Having good communication with students is very important so that they can receive the best high school experience. But do we have room for even more students next year and the year after? I don’t know, we may be hitting our limit pretty soon,” Mr. Sandrock said. Mr Sandrock worries that an increase in the student population may cause interference.
There is no doubt that this school year is a challenge. As more students attend Granger High, both students and teachers will need to get used to changes. America Romero (9) is a freshman that transferred from Eisenhower Junior High. Students in Eisenhower usually attend Taylorsville High School.
Romero willingly chose Granger because there are better opportunities and she wanted to be able to attend school with her cousins. While overwhelming at times, there are some advantages to larger schools after all. “Large schools have the capacity to offer more specialized programs for disadvantaged students and students with special needs. A wide variety of classes and activities make it possible for students to find their niche,” said a website titled “How Important is School Size?” Our high population may increase opportunities for students.
Granger High School is one of a kind. Throughout the school year, it’s likely that the students and teachers will face more challenges. However, the Lancers are what bring life to Granger. Students can count on this school to continue supporting them, despite crowded hallways, or other obstacles they might face.