It’s not high school without big dances


Advisor John Carlisle

Homecoming 2021 represented a solid return to a traditional high school experiences with a nod to safety that cleverly made use of Granger’s courtyard.

Elma Kadic, Student News Editor

SCHOOL dances have had a long-standing history in student life and culture in high schools across the country, and here at Granger High School, that is no exception. Students have so much going on in their lives between school, extra-curricular activities, college applications, and so much more. It’s important to have events such as school dances for students to get out of the classroom environment and make memories.

This year, everyone at Granger is eagerly waiting to attend in-person dances. Last school year, many dances were cancelled or postponed. Granger High School’s student government members have played a huge role in organizing and planning safe school dances for everyone to attend this year. “School dances play a huge part in your high school experience. So being able to bring back all in person school dances this year is super exciting,” Mel Iongi (12) said.

When COVID hit, students missed out on a lot which included not having school dances. “We plan on making this year’s school dances extra special because as we all know last year, we didn’t get the school dances we all deserved to have as high school students,” Iongi said.

Student Body Officers expressed their hopes for upcoming school dances and plan to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives, but also staying safe. Having fun and staying safe is very important for the staff and students here at Granger High School. For dances to take place this year, some things must change.

Senior Class Vice President Oliver Yeh (12) had some things to say about how the dances may be different this year. Yeh talked a bit about the mask rules and what that might look like at this year’s school dances. “The mask rules at school dances will be the same as in school. You can choose to wear a mask, but it is not going to be mandatory. However, we do encourage it,” Yeh said.

At school dances, students usually choose to take a date. Whether that be a date from the same school as them or a different school. Granger High School is allowing in person school dances, but the administration wants to keep students safe. “If a student chooses to take a date from another school, that student will have to get a permission slip from Granger and then have it signed off with their principal in order to attend any Granger dance,” Yeh said.

Our student government has put in a lot of effort and planning into ensuring that students here at Granger have fun and safe school dances this year.