Tips and tricks to get Lancers through online learning


Whitnie Larsen, Reporter

THE OUTBREAK of COVID-19 has made schools across the world transition to distance learning or online school. Granite District transitioned to online school on March 16th. Many students have not yet done online school, so it is quite hard for them to turn in assignments and keep in touch with their teachers. Here are a few tips and tricks to best transition to online school. 

An important tip is to sleep in. Sleeping in is one of the best things to do during this quarantine. Since there is no specific time one has to show up to class, this is an opportunity to catch up on all the sleep one has missed throughout the year and finally feel refreshed. Doing this will likely aid one’s focus on their assignments as they will no longer be sleep deprived.  

Another tip is to download Canvas on a cell phone. This makes it easier to track when a teachers’ messages or when a new assignment has been posted and/or is due. One can modify Canvas’ settings to receive essential, important notifications and updates that allow one to be up-to-date on their progress in class.

Lastly, one should not overwork themself. Do not spend seven hours doing homework. Take breaks every couple of hours and even between days. Doing so will facilitate better focus and productivity as one avoids burns out. If there is anything the outbreak of COVID-19 should have made clear, it is the importance of health and taking care of oneself. 

With these tips in mind, make sure to work diligently and productively while at home. This quarantine is by no measure a break from school, merely a transition of our normal lives to a different setting. Grades will still be assigned, so turn in quality work. Use the resources discussed within this article, and do not feel afraid to message teachers for any support they may be able to provide. Above all, stay safe and healthy while maintaining school work.